Top SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2020

Top SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2020

SEO can be challenging, particularly if you are new to the process. From site design to keyword ranking, several elements need to be considered. However, with many common mistakes that are made during the process, many are using an internet marketing service to ensure that they are working towards securing the page one position on Google. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of some of the top SEO mistakes that you should avoid in 2020 to secure the utmost success.

Mobile Optimization

One of the biggest mistakes that many make when it comes to SEO is not being optimised for Mobile. With over 50% of traffic coming from mobile devices, mobile optimisation is crucial as you are missing out on a large majority of potential traffic. Also, the implementation of mobile-first indexing means that your rankings could be affected by not having a mobile optimised site. Mobile-first indexing is a process used by Googles Algorithm that looks for mobile versions of a website first. This, therefore, means that websites with traffic purely from desktop will rank lower than those with mobile and desktop versions.

Make Sure Content Is Written For Users

Though it may seem tempting to write content to optimise for search engines, it must be optimised for the user. Whilst optimising for a search engine is important, you can not rank well with just this alone. You must take time to write content that is well researched and is engaging to your target audience. Optimised content will then decrease the likelihood of a higher bounce rate and will also increase the E.A.T score of your website.

Quality Is Better Than Quantity

Whether it is posting regularly or generating backlinks, you must be focusing on quality rather than quantity. This is because a vast number of links of poor quality are not helpful for your site rankings and can lead to you being penalised. Therefore, you must be gaining relevant backlinks and creating content that is helpful for your audience. The better quality the links are, the more beneficial they will be for your businesses. By looking for high trust flow and high traffic you can ensure that your website backlink profile is of high quality and boost the rankings over time.

Monitor Bounce Rate And Improve It

If your bounce rate is high, this can also be a problem for the website rankings. By creating content that is relevant and looking at where your audience is clicking off your website, you can optimise the site to minimise bounce rate. This can not only benefit rankings, but it can also encourage more and more people to choose your site over a competitor. Whether it is a complete revamp of user experience or the development of fully optimised content, this can all benefit you.

Make Headings Engaging

The final SEO mistake that many make is short headings for blogs and other pieces of content. This is a missed opportunity as you are limiting the space that is available for keywords. By making your headings longer, you are more likely to capture the attention of the audience as they will be interested in reading more. However, the headings mustn’t be too long as this can become an issue and may even put people off of reading your content. With this in mind, SEO techniques can be changed depending on the website you are looking to optimise and can be a case of trial and error. Whether it is the keywords you are looking to rank for or the content length that works best for your audience, this can all improve ranking and ensure your site is optimised to benefit users. Where will you be starting with your SEO optimisation?

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