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Spreaker DJ, transforms the iPad into a small radio station

Spreaker DJ, transforms the iPad into a small radio stationSpreaker DJ, transforms the iPad into a small radio station

From we have a new app for iPad, Spreaker DJ-Mix, capable of recording and transmitting radio and podcasts, blending our voices with music and sound effects.

[…] you can mix your voice with the music you have in your iTunes library and add a series of sound effects to create your own podcast or a radio show.

content, which can be shared on social networks, can be heard by our fans, who can interact with us using the chat function.

Possible uses we can give, we discuss the distribution of work of independent musicians, event transmission or expression of ideas, being integrated with the iTunes library to mix with the voice of music store there.

visual waveforms, microphone, sound effects library, recording and transmission, control volume, channel mix, chat … a new way of understanding the radio.

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Link: Spreaker for iPad

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