How to Unlock an AT&T iPhone?

How to Unlock an AT&T iPhone?

Nowadays, signing a contract with a carrier is the biggest torn of buying an iPhone. In most cases, you get dubiously high expenses without the option to change providers. In other words, your iPhone remains “locked”. Of course, there are a few ways you can get an unlock AT&T iPhone code.

As you may expect, most people find waiting for the entire two weeks just too much. Instead, there are plenty of unlocking service providers. Ultimately, you can get an easy and fast unlock AT&T iPhone pin for a small fee. No matter the iPhone model, the steps are all the same.

Initial Considerations

Before you let go of your contract, it’s a smart idea to try and get an unlock beforehand. While this may work, sometimes AT&T just won’t fully unlock your iPhone. Moreover, the whole process may take lots of time, calling back and forth. After you end your contract, the method may become even more difficult. Ultimately, you’ll have to provide your complete agreement or payment plan. That’s why it’s better to hire a third-party company to perform an iPhone unlocking.

What Does “iPhone Unlocking” Mean?

Typically, all AT&T iPhones come locked or “trapped” in the network provider. As you may expect, most carriers do it for economic reasons. Perhaps, the main goal is to stop users from switching to another provider. Of course, there’s always a right way to bypass this issue and go for a cheaper contract.

In the past few years, many third-party unlocking service providers have emerged online. They offer iPhone unlocking, but they can also free the majority of smartphones. Usually, their method of choice is using the IMEI number of the device. It’s a safe and reliable way that involves getting an unlock AT&T iPhone code. If you’re looking for a practical solution to freeing your iPhone, get your AT&T iPhone unlocked at

Sometimes, customers fall into the trap of relying on shops that offer iPhone unlocking. However, the whole procedure may come out to be a scam. The employees at such shops simply contact AT&T and follow the instructions only to charge you extra. In such cases, it’s better to do it yourself.

What is Factory Unlocking?

Still, the quickest and safest method of unlocking your phone is the IMEI way. Arguably, it’s so seamless and accessible that people often call it “factory unlocking”. In a nutshell, the IMEI is the unique number of your device. It’s usually somewhere on the back of your phone, but you can also find it through your service provider.

In general, the third-party service provider enters the manufacturer’s database and reassigns your phone as “unlocked”. Keep in mind that Apple may send you a software update that can lock your iPhone. That’s if you try any other approach. With factory unlocking, you get an unlock AT&T iPhone code within a few days, and you’re ready to go.

How to Unlock AT&T iPhone

Unlike other network providers, AT&T employs a relatively complex unlocking procedure. But first, you have to run through a few steps. However, you must first ensure you’ve paid off your contract or instalment plan. Otherwise, you need to do it and then wait for a day.

Also, bear in mind that you must have a “good standing” in your account. Bear in mind that your gadget mustn’t be on the list of stolen or involved in fraud phones. What’s more, you must have a continuous activity for at least two months. Since you’re up for an upgrade, you must wait for two weeks for the “buyer’s remorse” to pass. If you’re using a business device, you must ask your company for permission.

Unlocking a Device via the Standard AT&T Procedure

If you feel like you’ve met all eligibility requirements, you can apply for a device unlock through the standard procedure. You can request the service by submitting a unlock request form. Unless there are unattended issues, you may receive a confirmation e-mail with an unlock number.

Next, you’ll have to the given link within 24 hours of receipt to confirm the request. Otherwise, AT&T will cancel your claim, and you’ll have to go through the steps again.

After you confirm the unlock request, AT&T will respond within two business days. Ultimately, your goal is to fully open your device so you can insert the new carrier SIM. Unfortunately, often that’s not the case.

The Most Practical Way to Unlock AT&T iPhone

As previously mentioned, network providers often provide incomplete unlocking. Therefore, employing a third-party unlocking service is a far more reliable solution. Just go online and choose a renowned company.

Arguably, CellUnlocker is one of the best websites in the field. It has a seamless fill-out form. Perhaps, you’ll need to type in a contact e-mail, IMEI, and iPhone model. Unlike AT&T, the professionals from CellUnlocker will guarantee full factory unlock.

Simply pay a small fee, and you’ll get an unlock AT&T iPhone code within a few days. Consequently, you’ll be able to switch to another service network provider of your choice. There are plenty of cheaper offers, so why stick to the same carrier? Besides, most third-party unlocking providers can free nearly any phone brand and model.

Final Thoughts

All in all, you shouldn’t allow AT&T or any other carrier to force you into accepting their terms. Moreover, you might want to keep the device without abiding by a contract. Of course, you never know when you might need it. That’s why it’s wise to have it unlocked if you have to switch phones.

After all, you’ve paid for the device, and it’s your property. Therefore, taking the best offer is your own right. Don’t fall into the trap of trusting the service provider that you must stick with them forever. Go and get an unlock AT&T iPhone code now!

Indeed, there are plenty of third-party mobile phone unlocking service providers. However, not many can match the services that CellUnlocker can provide. Arguably, the company offers quick and safe unlocking services for all kinds of phone models, including the newest iPhones.

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