The Benefits of Living in Arizona: From the Grand Canyon to the Hot Summers

The Benefits of Living in Arizona: From the Grand Canyon to the Hot Summers

Arizona is known for many things, from the cowboy lifestyle still alive in places like Tombstone to the breathtaking Grand Canyon. The natural beauty of the vast, wild landscape and the bustling cities make Arizona attractive to many.

The benefits of living in Arizona are numerous. If you’re planning on moving or visiting the American South, these benefits will convince you to settle for the Grand Canyon State.

The Sprawling Desert

Much of Arizona has a desert landscape except the north, which is more semi-arid. While deserts may have an unsettling connotation due to intense heat and a vast barren emptiness, Arizona’s desert landscape has more to offer.

Arizona’s deserts are alive with wildlife and surprisingly stunning vegetation with breathtaking views.

Exploring the deserts rewards you with scenic views of rock formations and desert fauna such as the foothill palo verde, acacia, Joshua tree, and desert willow.

The Weather

The weather in Arizona is controversial. It can be uncomfortable for many due to the intense summer heat. But the hot, dry summers are also attractive to many, especially those looking for outdoor fun and the desert experience.

Winters in AZ are mild, averaging 60 °F, basically nonexistent, and would be perfect for those who don’t appreciate freezing temperatures.

Life in Arizona will pretty much feel like a never-ending summer, regardless of where you live in the state. The city of Phoenix has 300 sunny days.

Further southwest is the sunniest city of Yuma, with 320 sunny days. But that doesn’t only apply to the lower regions of the state. You will still experience most sunshine days up in the mountains.

The Grand Canyon

When it comes to the natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon in Arizona is considered one of them. You won’t have to take anyone’s word for it, either.

Once you experience the impressive, otherworldly cliffs casting a red backdrop in the desert, you’ll understand the craze. 

The mile-deep chasm stretching some 270 miles northwest of Arizona has long been a huge attraction to many, and living in Arizona pretty much gives you the front-row seat to enjoy this magical landmark.

Outdoor Life

The outdoor experience in Arizona is unique and fulfilling. The sunny weather provides the best opportunity to engage in outdoor activities, of which there are many.

Arizona has a combination of rugged open space and an expansive forest covering nearly 3 million acres and giving rise to many activities like hiking, camping, climbing, biking, horseback riding, and so many more.

It gets better when you realize that you can enjoy these activities year-round because the weather is nearly the same throughout.

Job Opportunities

Arizona has a strong labor market, which outperformed the US in general during the pandemic. There is a steady job growth rate, with 2023 looking good and an increase in average hourly rates.

While the state government contributes a lot to job creation, the economy is mostly driven by the private sector, which accounts for most of the job opportunities. These private entities have invested about $21 billion in the state and created over 300,000 new jobs since 2015.

There are certainly plenty of job opportunities in Arizona due to the powerful private sector.

Some of the thriving private companies responsible for increased job creation in the state include CopperPoint Insurance, Chapman Automotive, GHA Technologies Inc., Caliber – The Wealth Development Co., and GlobalTranz.

Cannabis is Legal

Most Americans understand that the cannabis movement is unstoppable. It’s about people’s health and right to choose what’s best for them.

While most states have legalized the drug in some form, some still hold out, even against the will of their residents. Arizona is one of the states that have fully embraced marijuana.

Marijuana is legal for adults 21 and over. For medical marijuana, patients will need to be certified by a physician. Veriheal has more info on that.

Moving to AZ from a partially or non-legal state is a big relief to users, particularly patients in need of the drug to manage their conditions.

Final Thoughts

Experts believe that AZ will become one of the fastest-growing states in the nation as thousands of people continue to move here. That wouldn’t happen if Arizona wasn’t a wonderful place to be. The state may have its downsides, but the benefits far outweigh any inconveniences you may face.

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