What is the private space of the mobile Huawei and for what it is

What is the private space of the mobile Huawei and what does it do

A positive point of the layers of personalization of Android is that you generally include a lot of added functions that are not in Android pure. it Is the case of EMUI and one of these added functions is the private Space.

The private space of the EMUI is something like a separate place to save photos, videos and audio files, as well as use applications with a different account or with different contacts of the main account.

What is the private space of EMUI

Huawei describes the private space as “an exclusive space for storing files, information, and other data that only you can access”. In essence, it is similar to using the phone with another user account: the new space starting from scratch, with only the applications factory installed and without any configuration.

Not only the apps start from zero, but also the files. is What happens in the private space is private space, including the photos and videos you take. It is also possible to have a list of contacts different inside and outside, always, and when you’re not using the same Google account to sync with each other.

In practice, the private space is basically to hide things or to use the mobile with a different profile, with different applications and different user accounts configured on it. To access the private space it is necessary to use a PIN or a fingerprint different from that of the space “normal”.

How to activate the private space

The private space is not enabled from the factory, so that it is you who must go to the settings of EMUI to do so. You need to enter the Privacy of the settings, touch Private Space and press the Enable.


will then Begin the configuration of the safety of the private space, you first need to enter the current PIN of your mobile and then a different PIN, that will be used to access the private space. In this way, when you unlock the phone, if you use the PIN normal load the normal desktop, and if you use this special PIN will load the private space.

If you want to you can assign a fingerprint to the private space, although this track may not be already assigned to the release of normal space. That is to say, you can configure for example the fingerprint of the thumb to open the normal space and the index for the private space. Depending on what finger you use, it will open one or the other.


this is Done, your private space will be created and displayed for the first time. Start from scratch, so you’ll need to configure the system and the applications you want to use. When you want to back to the normal space, use the lock screen to use your PIN or fingerprint scan was normal.

How to move files from one space to another

The files of a space are not visible from the other, but it is possible to move images, videos and audios of one space to another. This option only appears when you’re within the private space, although it is possible to move files in both directions: to the private space to the main and the other way around.

To do this, go to the Settings > Privacy > Private Space and tap on the option Main space to Private Space or the other way around, depending on what you want to do. You can then choose between images, videos and audio, with a file picker. Adjusts the selection, tap on Move, and confirm your intention in the pop-up window.


EMUI for the moment does not give you the option to move other types of file, so in these cases you will need to resort to external applications to send files to yourself, such as for example Telegram.

How to delete the private space

If it’s a private space not just to convince you, you can always delete. To do this you must go back to the normal space of the mobile phone and go to Settings > Privacy > private Space. Tap then on the top menu and choose Remove Space Private.


you Must set your intention to delete it and then enter the PIN of your main space, that is to say, the one that you use normally to unlock the mobile.

The process is irreversible and it will delete everything inside of the namespace.

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What is the private space of the mobile Huawei and for what it is
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December 1, 2019

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