Apps to Improve Your Life

Apps to Improve Your Life
Tech Assistance

There are a lot of apps out there today that are changing the meaning of the phrase, “tech assistance.” As technology becomes increasingly clever, and people have begun to focus a lot more on their mental and physical health, applications have been developed to help people do just that.

Today’s technology is becoming more and more understanding of the human condition and the needs of people. A lot of the time people forget to self-care, and in such a lightning fast modern world, who can blame them? That is why it makes sense that technology is helping to bridge the gap and make it easier and more convenient than ever to improve all areas of our lives.


This brain-training app was developed to help improve your overall mental fitness. The games in-app are tailored to help improve cognitive functions such as problem solving, processing speed, memory, attention, and adaptive thinking. The developers of the app say that playing just one round a day can help improve overall cognitive function. A good game for students, or anyone who simply wants to keep their mental faculties sharp.

Alarm Clock

Believe it or not, this simple application already installed on most phones is a great mindfulness tool that is often underutilized. Often when we get stressed we tend to breathe more sharply and shallowly. Setting a mindfulness alarm that notifies you to keep your breathing slow and rhythmic. This will help keep your mind healthy.


This clever application combines writing, reading, listening, and speaking exercises to help you learn one of thirteen different languages. Many people love the idea of getting to learn a new language, but don’t feel like they have the time or the know-how to get started. Duolingo makes it easy by putting exercises together. Studies have also shown that learning a new language can combat the mental aging process. This is just one of many apps that can make you smarter.


Do you find it difficult to sift through all of the content online to find something that is actually valuable? Well that is where this clever little app comes in. Longform combs the web for you in order to find the most in-depth, credible, and complete journalism out there so that you are getting more value out of what you are reading.


You may have heard of this one already, but it cannot be stressed how important reading is for maintaining mental health. The sustained focus that reading requires is a great mental exercise, and there are lots of great books out there that have a lot of useful content. Kindle has one of the biggest existing virtual libraries on the web. You can find anything from educational books, to instructional manuals, and even entertaining reads. It is a great place to start looking if you are serious about improving your cognitive faculties.

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