How it works technological AWD Ford Kuga – presented byfordspain

English - May 29, 2015

The Ford Kuga is one of the most recognized after Ford Focus and Fiesta models, and if it is true that the last generation of technology and takes between around since 2013, there is an element that is still very new: the AWD. In a vehicle whose DNA contains the word SUV should be able to choose all-wheel drive to offer the driver the best blend of driving, safety and grip. Meet us some very important details about this element.

The intelligent AWD system reevaluates advance ground conditions 20 times faster than the cost of flash.

The all-wheel drive technology in the Ford Kuga has Two ranges of action: below 30 km / h and above this speed. The main objective of the AWD system at low speed grip; at speeds above 30 km / h the system increases accuracy to enhance the driving experience and response. Importantly, the display of the instrument cluster can be used to display the torque split of each wheel at all times, a very important information to know how it is pulling the Kuga.

This AWD system analyzes driving conditions and immediately decides the power required by each wheel depending on the surface, and this is where its technological character is more important: is able to reconnoiter (sand, snow, water or asphalt) for, without the driver tells you to adapt the force must receive each wheel.

The previous generation Ford Kuga used a Haldex system to provide it with 4×4 traction, now technology has superseded.

The AWD allows, for example, the Kuga can advance with only a wheel axle supported in the ground, that is, if we have the left front wheel and rear right on the ground and the other two in the air, the car moves smoothly.

A technology associated with all-wheel drive, although not unique to this system is the Curve Control, which helps drivers to situations where excessive speed may be addressing a curve. Thus, and as says Michael Nentwig, Engineer deputy chief program C-cars, Ford of Europe. “The obvious example is a curve in a highway exit. If the driver has not slowed enough, this system can come into play and safely reduce vehicle speed to about 16 km / h per second “. In addition, Curve Control is available to all Kuga range, regardless of traction.

Ford Kuga is available in Spain € 20,800 with front-wheel drive, and from € 25,500 if you want all-wheel drive. These prices include exclusive discount campaigns and FORD Pive 8 Plan recently approved by the Government.