3 Interesting Ways Technology Is Shaping The Entertainment Industry

3 Interesting Ways Technology Is Shaping The Entertainment Industry

The television was perhaps the most prevalent form of entertainment in the 20th century. It changed the world and the culture in most countries. Adults could watch movies and kids got entertained with famous shows such as the Mickey Mouse club. As the world continued to evolve color televisions and much bigger screens were introduced. According to research done by the US today, there is an average of 2.77 televisions in each home in the US.

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The TV, if you remember, was the hallmark of entertainment, but over the past decades, new technologies have revolutionized how we get entertained. Currently, there are video streaming sites such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. The best part is that you can stream videos even through your smartphone. However, technology has further revamped the entertainment world by introducing new ways of how you can get content. Here is a look at three ways at how technology is shaping the entertainment industry.

#1. Machine Learning.

Every industry is feeling the shift in how consumers are taking control of their user experiences. Traditional cable TVs are about to get out of business. Although they continue to offer TV packages, consumers are becoming more selective. Nowadays, people are only looking to pay for a limited number of channels. However, media analysts point out that machine learning could be the solution that the entertainment industry needs to create a better user experience. For instance, a company such as Netflix has been able to stay ahead of the competition because of Machine Learning. It uses ML to personalize content and helping consumers figure out what they want. In the long run, ML and AI will help personalize interactions and participation.

#2. New security features for smart TVs.

At the rate at which technology is growing four-year-old smart TVs will soon be considered ancient. There are more households which are getting smart TVs but what people don’t know is the risk that they potentially carry. For instance, a hacker can use the webcam on your Smart TV to spy your home. On the other hand, some hackers take control of your TV by remotely adjusting the volume or by showing explicit content.

Therefore security and data should be at the top of your priorities if you are an owner of a smart TV. However, one way in which you can protect yourself is by using various FireStick VPNs. They help to mask the IP address, thus protecting your data.

#3. Voice Command technology giving a better user experience.

Voice control has replaced the need for remotes when operating our televisions. With your voice, you can switch channels, look up for video games, and switch to various modes such as cinema without a hassle.

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