The global pandemic and the rediscovery of cinema

The global pandemic and the rediscovery of cinema

With the threat of new restrictions becoming more and more likely, especially if the number of positive cases of the new Omicron variant continues to rise, people will once again be faced with significant impediments to their personal freedom, a situation that may ultimately force them to decide to spend more time at home, if only to avoid running into bureaucratic obstacles and excessive controls. The first lockdowns, after all, taught people to discover much more about themselves, encouraging a rediscovery of their hobbies, passions and interests, to which they added many completely new activities they had never tried before. By spending a lot of time at home, people were also able to find new forms of entertainment, new exciting pastimes with which to spend their free time, maintaining these habits even at a time when personal freedom seemed to have returned to previous levels. In fact, the habits we acquired during the pandemic are likely to stay with us throughout our lives, especially since those activities, during the darkest months of the lockdowns, helped us to keep afloat, live our daily lives more serenely and look to the future with more optimism. It is as if people, even in the post-lockdown phase, feel a kind of gratitude, a silent gratitude for all those allies – technology, streaming, TV series – that have been their inseparable companions during the long hours of seclusion, imprinting themselves strongly in their hearts and leaving a deep, indelible mark that is difficult to erase. Some people have discovered an unexpected interest in TV series, spending hours on platforms such as Netflix and assiduously exploring the catalogue of shows available, further cementing their passion for this genre of entertainment.

A valuable ally

Others, however, have taken advantage of the pandemic to throw themselves headlong into the world of cinema, indulging in all those films that, for one reason or another, they had never been able to see, and whose consumption had long been relegated to a dark and remote corner of their minds. A surprising number of people, taking advantage of the start of the new year, managed to include films and cinematography among the entertainment genres to be explored – or rediscovered – in this 2022, treating them as the most traditional New Year’s resolutions. For most people, in fact, 2022 is the year of restart, the decisive year that will hopefully mark the end of Covid and the return to normality, which some seem to have almost completely forgotten. In this sense, the selection of new modes of entertainment, for many people, is still an essential objective. People no longer just choose good intentions related to losing weight, meeting new people or signing up for dance classes. People are looking for real excitement, incredibly intense experiences that inspire genuine passion, just like the kind that movies generate.

Going beyond Netflix

For those of you who want to spend more time with movies in 2022, we suggest that you look outside of Netflix and the paid-for platforms, but do your research based on your own passions and interests, so that you can find the titles that best suit your personality, without any conditioning. Once you have identified two or three potentially interesting titles, watching them will be totally satisfying and satisfying, because it is linked to a genuine choice based solely on your personal taste.

The New Year is also a good opportunity to experience different forms of entertainment, not necessarily related to the world of cinema. Everyone can experience the thrill of playing at an online casino, with the possibility of redeeming exclusive bonuses without making a deposit, in a safe and risk-free way. The online casino games, carefully selected by some extremely specialised online platforms, are able to guide people to new frontiers of entertainment, projecting them into a magical dimension where there is only adrenaline and limitless fun. Each game is perfectly legal, ensuring that every user has an experience very similar to that of a land-based casino. The pure fun within these platforms is easily accessible to anyone.

The pandemic has pushed us firmly towards finding new sides to our personalities, towards new passions that we didn’t even suspect we had. All of us, in one way or another, are allowing ourselves to be guided towards a bright future in which our personal passions will play an increasingly decisive role.

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