Why Experiences Matter More than Gifts

Why Experiences Matter More than Gifts

If you are struggling to think of good ideas for Christmas gifts this year, then one thing that you could consider is looking for ways to give people new and interesting experiences, rather than physical items. There are all manner of ways you can get experience based gifts, whether it is paying for someone to go on a trip, taking them out for a special night out or meal, or getting them tickets to something they will love. Whatever your budget, you should be able to find a great way to surprise someone you love this year if you opt for experiences instead of normal material gifts!

Experiences Are Unique

Every experience someone has is unique to them, and this means that when you give someone the opportunity to have a fun experience, you’re giving a unique gift. Of course, some things you can give are also unique in the sense that they will only happen once – such as sports events or live concerts, which may be things that go down in history, and which you’ll never have the chance to go to again. Check out Ticketsales.com for tickets to all kinds of events that will make for one-off gifts that can allow the person you want to surprise to see something really special.

Experiences Become Memories and Stories

The experiences we have are what form our fondest memories, and most interesting stories. Who hasn’t been excited to hear that someone they are talking to was at an iconic sporting event, or that they saw a legendary musician live in their prime? Or enjoyed hearing about the time someone visited an exotic place, or tried an unusual sport or activity? There are so many things that someone can get out of an experience based gift, and one of them is certainly the memories that last a lifetime!

Experiences Can be Shared

When you’re getting someone an experience based gigift like tickets to an event or a trip somewhere, you can make it even more special by allowing them to share it with someone they want to – or even by going with them yourself. If you are buying for a couple, it can be a great way to give a unique gift to both of them that they can enjoy together, or, if it is for a child or teen, then you can let them choose a friend to accompany them. If you’re buying for your own partner, then choosing something that they will find romantic and fun to do with you can be an even more thoughtful gift, as you’re also giving them some quality time.

Hopefully, this has convinced you that experiences are a wonderful option for gifts, and now have some good ideas for special things you can do for the people in your life this Christmas! Considering experience based gifts opens up a whole new range of interesting options, too, and can make gift shopping even more creative and fun!

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