Algol, the demon of drugs and alcohol

For demonology experts and for those advanced students of practical occultism, it is no secret that this world is ruled by tremendous demons and infernal entities, which aim to drag every human being into the world of darkness.

The world’s most dangerous legal drug is liquor

Algol is one of them. It’s even one of the 10 most dangerous and powerful. In Greek mythology, it was symbolized by the jellyfish that Perseus disheaded and could turn those who looked it in the eye into stone. A surprising and very dicient symbolism for anyone who has ears and eyes to see and hear.

All the souls of this world, by ingesting the substance of alcohol, are under the command of this demon and his legions of demons. So it is so, that in the English language, the translation of spirits is “spirits”: spirits. Now we understand why a drunk has only low passions, such as sadness, lust, anger, anxiety, etc.

Algol is highlighted by the other demons, because at this moment he is one of the most souls he is sending to hell. Moreover, he is a close friend of the politicians and rulers of this world, since they do not know that it is easier to dominate a people of ignorant drunks and drugged drugs, than to a people of intelligent, educated and self-tease citizens. That’s why liquor promotes everything, even sport. The Liquor is behind the great leaders.

Algol has some slogans that characterize him in a timely manner:

  •  “The whole planet is mine”
  • “I steal all the Cristic atoms from the people”
  • Corruption and misfortune are my daughters.
  • I will beget degeneration and vice
  • I destroy every home
  • Causo misery and ruin
  • I want to destroy the race and that’s why I poison the reason

This terrible demon lubricates the Wheel of Samsara, which is the same as enslaving souls to remain tied to birth and death eternally. Those great seers of the ages, claim that a fetid smell of alcohol is perceived coming out of the grounds of hell, which looks like a fearsome furnace.

Algol always appears tempting everywhere and in every way. To baptize children, to celebrate marriages, a degree, a burial, a celebration, a failure, a spite, for business, for boredom, for visits, for heat, for the cold, etc. Looks like it was ubiquitous. Even as a diplomat and elitist, enjoying exquisite wines is camouflaged Algol.

Most of today’s humans are slaves to the algol demon. The intoxication it produces is contrary to the ecstasy of meditation or sexual transmutation. The accompanying music is degenerate and contrary to the spiritual ecstasy of Beethoven, Mozart. Bach, Vivaldi, etc. That dark entity takes over very easy the body and mind of weak souls.

The case of possession when ingesting intoxicating beverages is easily demonstrable. You can get to the case of total memory loss and self-control, run hundreds of barbarities and not remember. The children of the drunks come out with mental and physical problems.

Alcohol is a toxin that the body expels through sweat in the pores. But the removal of these toxics harms bones and nerves, causing parkinson’s disease and continuous shaking. An alcohol consumer always has weakness.

In this state of intoxication, the person is completely influenced and vulnerable. After the drunkenness, as sequels comes the lack of concentration and relaxation. As if that were not enough, the subject becomes irresponsible and unfulfilled in all his duties. So the homes run out, they accident tragically on the roads, among millions more evils because of alcohol.

The great crimes of history have been committed under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Alcohol is one more drug, but legal and the reason we explain it. Immediately the substance has been ingested, it is to fornicate and delight in all sensory pleasures, crucifying the Intimate Christ.

Falling asleep, the drunk’s soul breaks off and travels to the hell worlds, Infra dimensions, but returns the next day without remembering anything. There, in those dark worlds, the soul is terribly damaged and each time it sinks down the path of destruction.

Nothing good has come out and will come out of alcohol. Even religious shepherds themselves throw rotten eggs at their fanatics, because they too get drunk, and even say that Jesus was a drunk like them, to justify their evils. Or there are those in the pulpit who speak out against drugs and vice, but outside the cult they are seen in canteens, brothels or in their own homes consuming legal or illegal narcotics.

Legality or illegality have nothing to do with the consequences on a physical and spiritual level.

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Algol, the demon of drugs and alcohol
Source: Education  
June 30, 2019

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