WhatShadow, hidden status in WhatsApp



few days ago we had about WhatsApp Shadow, an application that allows us to connect to WhatsApp without anyone to see that we are online and connecting our last date, which is quite useful if you have girlfriend or enojones friends.

Unfortunately this app was quickly removed from Google PLAY, at the request of the company IP Legal Advisors, without notice and without opportunity to rectify the reasons for the alleged violation of copyright.

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This left unsupported over 150,000 users had downloaded the application installed on their devices and to try to mitigate the problem, Paraisoft Innova, the company that developed this application rereleased the application under another name, WhatShadow, and another icon.

WhatShadow, hidden in WhatsApp status


WhatsApp Shadow WhatShadow allows you to hide your status on WhatsApp Messenger. This way you can read messages and reply being completely invisible to others so that they can not know where you’ve been online for the last time.

With WhatShadow WhatsApp can enter in stealth mode immediately and change your mode if you prefer visible from within the application itself with integrated icon.


To get our state is not updated, this tool disables the WiFi and data, but only while you’re in WhatsApp. This means that while you are invisible not send or receive messages, but leave the application is reactivated normal connections and can send and receive messages again. In addition, there is a button to refresh, so you can send and receive messages without displaying outstanding but you are connected.

Use WhatShadow is very simple. When the icon is red, we will be in hidden state, and when he pressed and put it in green, we will be visible. Google PLAY:

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