Apex Weather, the new app of the time from the creators of Apex Launcher

Apex Weather, the new app of the time from the creators of Apex Launcher

applications to see the time doesn’t go by their best time for two reasons. The first, Google and its Assistant make the work with bastanta masters degree. The second, that apps quality time or desaparecen or fill it with ads. In this scenario, comes a new application of the time: Apex Weather.

Your name already makes it clear to us where it comes from: from the creators of the once famous Apex Launcher (which had a resurgence the last year). Is a app to view the time relatively attractive and simple, for those who still prefer to have an app specialized to see the time.

Welcome to the view


There are two types of applications to access the time: the ones that are horrible, and those that do not. Apex Weather fall into this second classification. Visually it is quite good in spite of copy the appearance of Google Now, which has already a few years old, but hey, some designs age better than others and the truth is that the information cards are read very clearly.

All the main information is on a single screen, you can swipe up to go revealing other details. At the top is the current condition, while that below you find a summary of the forecast for hours and days. If you want to see a reports more detailed, you must tap on View more.


It includes the information of minimum and maximum temperature, probability of precipitation, the wind and its direction, UV index, barometric pressure and visibility. In the main screen you have additional information about the moon phase and access to see a radar image animated of any part of the world.

Advertising is not so nice

Publi Some advertising banners can be close

what Remember when I said before that some apps weather forecast had been killed by the excess of advertising? Not so with Apex Weather, at least not yet, although we can’t guarantee in the future. For now, yes, enough sample advertising, although at least you have the option of closing some of these banners to clear the interface.

You are welcome to come by another banner when you open the application although, once more, could be worse: at least it’s not an animated video of that makes you wait. Sounds like this “consolation of fools”, but the person who has proved sufficient applications of time will know all the kind of atrocities that are out there.

For the rest, at least for now there are not many more added to, or rare things, beyond uan news section to the bottom of that, frankly, does not come to story. Above, there is no way to get rid of the advertising or paying, as there is no paid version nor the possibility to remove the ads prior payment.

Many styles of widgets, more or less


In their description in Google Play, it is mentioned that it supports “tons of issues”, although the truth is that they are generic topics, most of them created for an app for the competition: Amber Weather (before you do, EZ Weather). is Some of these themes work, others don’t.

The process for installing widgets is a bit tiresome, since you need to install each and every theme as an app separate from Google Play, and every one of them will ask for location permissions for reasons that do not make much sense. That is to say, yes, it supports themes, although the process for a change of subject is sufficiently boring as to try two or three and you already have enough for the whole year.

Apex Weather

Apex Weather15.6.0.45302

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Apex Weather, the new app of the time from the creators of Apex Launcher
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December 27, 2018

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