AppleCare + will come to Spain with international support

AppleCare + will come to Spain with support international

Spanish users of Apple products are in luck. AppleCare + will come soon to our country

Each year, the launch of a new model, many users are tempted to buy an iPhone outside their country, as for example the value of the dollar against the euro meant that, even with the added tax in the United States, the price is favorable. However, there were fears that if anything happened to the terminal to return to the country of origin, the warranty is not valid, so that the operation was not clear that was profitable. As they told in 9to5Mac, AppleCare + allow its benefits are maintained on an international basis, something Apple has employees shown in a video.

In this way if we buy an iPhone in New York when we travel and we add AppleCare + protection, when we return to Spain, the protection to take effect in our country. Because that’s the great news, AppleCare + will finally Spain , a desire of users for a long time. It is not yet known the exact date, but since the video speaks of the matter, do understand that it will be soon. They will also benefit from the service in Brazil and Turkey. Latin American countries will have to wait for now, there is no estimated arrival date.

As we know, cover accidental damage AppleCare + for iPhone users, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch. For a fee of 99 euros in countries where it is available, allows, during his two years of coverage, you replace your damaged up twice with an extra cost of only 69 € terminal.


AppleCare + will come to Spain with international support
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August 6, 2015

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