Are you going to sell your mobile Android? For so you have to remove the anti-theft protection


The devices leaving factory with Android 5.1+ have protection that prevents other users can use it if you reset the factory settings without our permission . Thus in case of loss or theft much to restore the factory settings may not make use of our device, although there are some models that this theft protection is not insurmountable, but update after update attempt it is impossible to skip over it.

This protection is automatically activated at the time you enter your Google account , which will be associated in the device, and if you restart the device factory configuration assistant you asked to sign in with the Google account that the device is originally synchronized. For this protection makes sense we must have put a Lock Screen so that nobody can disable


Protection reset

theft protection only we must be active while we are the owner of the device, at the time we’re going to sell it or give it away we have to disable this protection for your new owner can synchronize its own Google account to start using the device . This will avoid problems as it is being very common that vendors do not remove this protection and then buyers find they can not use the phone you bought and have to solve that problem with the seller.

disable device protection

to deactivate the anti-theft protection of our device is very simple, and for this we have two options. ** The first is to remove your Google Account ** device. To do this go to Settings> Accounts> Google in your account and go to Menu> Remove account . Will inform you that you will lose the protection and ask you to enter your lock screen to verify your identity.


the second option to disable this protection is found within the opciones development of our device. Settings> Development Options will have to disable the Unlocking OEM . It will also be asked to enter your screen lock. In this way we can remove the anti-theft protection without having to remove our Google account.


After removing the protection of your device when you restart the factory the device no longer prompted to re-enter your Google account, you can enter any account, as if it were new, just removed from its box.

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Are you going to sell your mobile Android? For so you have to remove the anti-theft protection
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May 14, 2016

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