Are you sick of social networking? This website deletes your accounts from a score of platforms

It is an open secret that planned obsolescence also affects the social networking. Times change for all, and even something as modern as Facebook has become ‘old fogy’: the pioneer of Social Media, although it is still the most downloaded of the decade according to a recent report, is seeing how more and more users drop out of the boat.If you are someone who is tired of the digital world, or if you’re thinking of making a withdrawal from the screens without end date, there are tools that can help you to erase your digital footprint. One of them is ‘Elimíname by DDR’ of ‘Right Network’, a handy collection of pages, delete accounts and services apps of all kinds.The list is long and now includes Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Skype, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium, Google, Pinterest Flickr, Disqus, Badoo, MySpace, Reddit, Shopify, Spotify, Slack, Telegram and Yammer.And the mechanism could not be easier: you just have to click on each of the links that provides the web and will take you to the official page of each social network or service, specifically to the section or paragraph in which you can unsubscribe. With one click and without going crazy diving with a maze of privacy.Then, of course, the platform on which you want to delete your account probably will ask for a confirmation using a password or other type of verification.Eye! But you don’t want to run too. you Have to take into account a few things:, for example, that some accounts are not deleted instantly or that you ‘deactivate’ and ‘delete’ is not the same. So attentive to the terms and conditions that you come up as a warning when you decide to say goodbye.Remember that the clutches of the dark side digital always come very deep and the kings of the like and selfie they will not let you to escape easily from their servers, as much as some angels ‘San Internet’ yes, you put it easy to disappear.And a bonus: some social networks and services provide you with the possibility of receiving a kind of history, a summary of your relationship with the platform, which may include personal data, interactions with other users, files… so if you’re a bit nostalgic and -if you’re fed up- don’t want to lose all your long step by internet.
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Are you sick of social networking? This website deletes your accounts from a score of platforms
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December 23, 2019

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