Asus SuperNote: The excellent application notes Padfone 2, on your Android


In the extra software incorporating all manufacturers (which usually is usually useless), some applications “jewel” that are really interesting. Example is Supernote , an excellent application that incorporates all Asus Padfones and now can install on any Android thanks to the community.

As the name implies, Asus Supernote is an application designed to take notes from your smartphone , something increasingly common thanks to the big screens we’re seeing (like the Galaxy Note 2, for example).

It has a set of tools fairly complete , but neither stands in excess of other solutions like Papyrus or application notes Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, which is just great. It allows us to draw, write using the keyboard, write with our own font, change the color and the thickness and type of pen that we are using to write. Moreover, it also allows the inclusion of voice memos, images and even video.


The interface is fairly simple although , fulfills its mission. Asus designed based interface Holo anarajandos tones that is very pleasant when we are using the application. Maybe that’s a strength, and that virtue is simplicity.

Furthermore, the application does not provide excessive developments, but is one of the most complete we can find for our Android. If you want to download it, just that you click on the link below.

Download Asus SuperNote clicking here

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Asus SuperNote: The excellent application notes Padfone 2, on your Android
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February 6, 2013

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