Bad times for Gameloft, another fallen giant?


Gameloft is now one of the most popular developers games for mobile devices, and to his credit has a wide full catalog securities of all types: from great driving games like Asphalt franchise to multiple videojueguiles adaptations of Marvel or Disney movies, all through an equally long list of casual games

But despite. its apparent power, it seems not a good time for her, and a few hours ago nos have learned that its offices in New York throw the closing after fifteen years of history. Yet now it seems that just about the timely closing of their offices, and that the situation does not look as bad as that atraversaron other developers as Zynga

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What possibly being the causes of this crisis? Many players around the world, including you in the comments every time we mention some of its titles, have always complained that one of the great scourges of this company is growing pay2win abuse in their games , a method of payment and hated so popular among the players and many believe they have spoiled some of their sagas ..

On the other hand, we also have to blame the developer be unoriginal, always be more familiar cloning and selling many games their titles at an inflated price considering that the quality of these not usually optimal.

Be that as it is still early to draw conclusions, all I have done is to close one of the many sites that have worldwide. Will it make this a change in strategy games? That remains to be seen, but stay alert will play. What they are for you the strengths and weaknesses of Gameloft

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Bad times for Gameloft, another fallen giant?
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July 10, 2015

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