Best Internet content aggregators

The best Internet content aggregators

Warning. this article may cause the black hole all there on the Internet you swallow and never can escape

A content aggregator is one of those sites or applications where a company, person or user community dedicated to collect news links or any kind of interesting content from many different sources .

many of us like aggregators, because help us discover new things based on our interests . We save the hassle of navigating the ocean of things offered by the web, many of which do not call at all our attention. Aggregators have quite evolved over the years, and those times when Google Reader and archaic readers feeds were the norm, they are long gone. Now we have all kinds of applications that our interests are learned, or individuals who “curators” and they call themselves choosing some of the best possible links to everyone.

1. Reddit

This was obvious, if you’ve been living under a cave in the last 10 years and not know what is Reddit , you’ve been missing one of the best websites to share, discover and discuss all kinds of content . Best of Reddit is that there is a subreddit for every need, so many scary (seriously, there are things that scare).

2. Imgur

Born directly from its relationship with Reddit, this community image was created especially to share content in subreddits, and quickly evolved and became its own giant. Currently people use to share everything, and the best is that is almost always accompanied by images, or better, GIFs .

3. Popurls

It is an aggregator of content at its best. Popurls you can find links to all topics most interesting and commented throughout the web. It’s like the perfect window to conversations are dominating Internet diari or. Have a search engine, and you can also customize your cover.

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4. Product Hunt

One of my favorite places now and has had a very fast and prolific growth. technology, games, books: ProducHunt all related to four main themes shared links and podcasts . In the last two years I’ve discovered a lot of great applications and websites by Product Hunt.

5. Jimmyr

Although it has an interface that looks like something out of 1999 Jimmyr you find one excellent collection of links to the best of the web. Some of its main sources are the same Reddit, Stumbleupon, and HackerNews, plus many great sites that have spent years creating interesting content on the Internet.

6. Flipboard journals

Flipboard is one of the best applications for reading content, but one of its great features came with the creation of magazines. Although there are regular functions to keep blogs and users, integrate with Twitter or Facebook, and navigate between different categories; for many follow magazines updated and cured by another human being is one of the best ways to get interesting links to read.

7. Voat

Alguns believe will be the successor to Reddit, as became quite popular after the last debacle suffered by the popular site. Voat is basically a clone of Reddit , it is still in alpha, and is inhabited primarily by opponents of the administration of Reddit.

8. Forekast

This is a kind of hybrid aggregator of content and calendar . Forekast only find important links about events that will happen soon organized by day and month. The community is responsible for maintaining it, and is a good way to keep up with what is happening in the world.


Best Internet content aggregators
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March 2, 2016

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