Bethesda recalls the saga Fallout dogs

The expected role-playing game will arrive on November 10.
Dogs allies and enemies are a tradition in the series Fallout , and now Bethesda he has conducted a review of the curious who have supported us so far
German shepherd with us in Fallout 4 will not die this time, and will be one of the most important secondary characters. Meatball was created modeled River, the German Shepherd one of the developers of Bethesda Game Studios . Thanks to capture movements and sounds of River, will see the more real dog Fallout to date, as shown in the video

Fallout 4 will be released on November 10 on PC, Xbox One and PS4, we leave you with this review of the dogs in the series.

Meatball (Fallout 3)

A loving and talented dog. Its first owner, who was killed by assailants near Yermo Capital, never realized this scavenger skills and fierce four-legged fellow soldier. Meatball always spotted the assailants and was your faithful dog to the end.
Its name is a tribute to “Dogmeat” original Fallout 1997. According to the developers, is a direct descendant of the canine companion the Vault Dweller in Fallout 1, died in a horrible accident involving a force field.

Vicious Dog (Fallout 3)

Yermo relentless survivors, these irradiated dogs will always hostile, unless the player character has acquired bonus “Animal Friend”. Almost always in herds of 2-5 individuals and usually they are often found in open areas. The Vicious Dog seldom use flanking techniques, but once detected a target, usually surround him and thus avoid the victim escape

Legion Mongrel (Fallout New Vegas)

Legion are a race of servants by Houndmasters belonging to Caesar’s Legion dogs. These mongrel dogs are mainly used for combat and exploration in different missions of the Legion. The current mother called Lupa these pooches. Due to its strong matted hair and red eyes, they are a very different than most of the others can be found in the game race. These animals are more like a wolf or coyote. Although most of them are raised by the Legion, sometimes find some of these wild creatures born in Denver.

Rex (Fallout New Vegas)

This canine friend is part German shepherd, although in reality it is a ciberperro “LEO Support Model, Serial no. B955883” that has existed since the days of pre-war. When he was born, in 2072, it was a normal dog, who served the police department of the city of Denver. Sometime before the war, it was cybernetically enhanced and became a ciberperro. The circumstances surrounding their cyber disorders remain unknown.
Survived the destruction of Denver and the harsh wastelands, and sometime even fought as part of Caesar’s Legion. Later he came to Freeside, where he was under the orders of King, who adores him.

 Bethesda remember the dogs of Fallout saga
 Bethesda remember the dogs of Fallout saga
 Bethesda remember the dogs of Fallout saga
 Bethesda remember the dogs of Fallout saga
 Bethesda recalls the saga dogs Fallout


Bethesda recalls the saga Fallout dogs
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October 20, 2015

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