Brawl Stars covers the important update September

SuperCell continues to improve your game of tactical action and frantic to mobile devices with new modes, brawlers and aspects.

SuperCell has announced update September for Brawl Stars, one of the most important received to date for the video game, mobile phones.

that includes the update for September


New Brawler Legendary – Sandy

primary Attack: To shot clean.

-Sandy shoots sand that passes through enemies.

Super Storm sandy.

-Sandy summons a sand storm that hides the companions within the area for 12 seconds.

Ability stellar: Sand sepultadora.

-storm Sandy will also cause 200 damage per second to enemies who enter the area.

Ability stellar Winds healers

-The sand storm will also heal allies 300 per second.

New game modes!

lone Star – A mix between Survival and starfighter.

-10 players solitary.

-The same rules of starfighter and wins the player with the most stars at the end.

-players respawn at the edge of the map after being defeated.

-The current Information of the played will appear in the upper-right corner.

-like starfighter, you can pick up a star in the middle of the map.

Annihilation – Battle other brawlers as you try to cause the greatest possible damage to the giant Robot.

-10 players solitary.

-All the players will fight between them and against a giant Robot controlled by the game.

-The player that will cause more damage to the robot wins.

-players respawn at the edge of the map if they are defeated.

-The current Information of the played will appear in the upper-right corner.

-will Appear cubes of force at random.

-just like Survival, players defeated will also drop cubes of power.

New issues

Genius Pirate (September 19)

Sandy sleeper (September 27th)

Barley magician red (Like stellar)

visual Changes in the Brawler

The Primo: All aspects of The Cousin of redesigns.

Jessie summer: Redesign in the effects.

Brock beach: Redesign in the effects.

Rico: Redesign in the animations.

New icons for Pier, Bo, and The Cousin.

Changes in the maps

New space for events added from 1600 trophies – Will open automatically for players who have already past this range.

Both of these game modes will come with 7 unique maps each.

The two new game modes added in the new space, lone star and Annihilation.

Other changes

-invisibility (Leon and Sandy) does not work against the turret of a siege.

-In “All against one” the giant robot now will point to the Brawler nearest with the rocket in place of the last.

-Survival: The maximum number of cubes of power that a Brawler can leave the die is 5.

-The game will no longer be supported for Android devices x86.


-Is under a mistake with the area of the SUPER 8-BIT enemy.

-fixed a bug where the skill stellar 8-BIT “extra Life” did not work in “All against one” when he was the only Brawler with life.

-fixed details of animation with the aspect of Crow phoenix.

-arranged the shooting speed of Carl reckless and Carl Montapuercos to be correct with the values shown.

An ideal game for mobile phones

Brawl Stars has been designed as a MOBA or Hero Shooter direct, competitive and simple to understand for all those users that stick out for the first time to this genre of video game. The idea is to offer games solo and with friends via the internet of three against three players by a wide variety of ways, but always in compliance with a rule: fights only last three minutes or less.


Brawl Stars players will have to steal the treasure from the opponents, retrieve, and capture crystals for the maps, stand up to nine enemies in an arena of combat that shrinks with the passage of time, or fight with their enemies to get stars with defeats. The games are always carried out by teams formed by three players, and we are faced with a game where cooperation is essential.

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars covers the important update September
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September 20, 2019

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