Burning Man, a counterculture oasis in the Nevada desert

The Burning Man festival is an event that brings together more than 50,000 in “Black Rock”, a city the Nevada desert created solely for the 7 days of the event. In the early 90s he became reminiscent of what led Woodstock, but as Nick Bilton published in the New York Times, the counterculture essence seems to have given way to a bourgeois capitalism dominated by millionaires of Silicon Valley .

In fact, among the principles proposed by the Burning Man is that of the ban money (based on donations), as well as the self-reliance and radical self-expression . Ie create a utopian society for 7 days to be able to reject the basic principles of capitalism and source only with the participation of its members. But that’s not true.

Jim Urquhart | Reuters

Although it may seem contradictory, in the BBC say big billionaires characters like Mark Zuckerberg , the founders of Google, or the owner of Tesla Motors, have been attracted by the Burning Man festival.

Why the rich love Burning Man? is a complicated question I’ve tried to answer in Magazine Jacobin, but one of the answers could be that the very social model advocated by the festival also applies to the market economy. That is a wellness based on donations from wealthy individuals, while also using their status to get what they intend

Credit . Trey Ratcliff


Burning Man, a counterculture oasis in the Nevada desert
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