Cats and pandas are preparing to come to Minecraft

Star in this new video game.

As os we have recently, the cats and the pandas are going to be a fundamental element of the next planned developments for Minecraft and now Microsoft we offers a promotional video that focuses on showing us the integration of these animals in the game.


As you will recall, the lovers of the felines, in October there was even a contest for the cat of a player outside part of the title. And is that animals will be the stars of this update to root of a diplomatic conflict.

A problem with naps between cats and pandas has broken the relationships between these animals. After failed encounters for peace, finally there seems to be agreement, but the player will have to be attentive to the environment and see what happens with them.

The system will introduce, as well, pandas and subject the cats to a deep revision.

Cats and pandas are prepared to get to Minecraft

Cats and pandas are preparing to come to Minecraft
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November 11, 2018

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