Chat mode ninja: how to hide the last connection time in WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram and Facebook

Chat mode ninja: how to hide the last connection time in WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram and Facebook

There are those who are very jealous of their privacy and do not want to feel persecuted when you use a messaging service on the mobile. To know when was the last time you connected to a service is often the reason why many decide to switch to mode ninja and prevent your contacts know when they are entering and leaving the application in question.

The last, to incorporate the function of being able to see the last hour of connection it was Instagram and your private messages en Direct. An introduction something controversial but that, fortunately, can be turned off, as in WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger for example. If you want to pass unnoticed among your contacts and you don’t look at the time that you contectas, we teach you how to stop displaying the time.

Hide the last connection time in the WhatsApp application


let’s Start with the most popular of the four. WhatsApp allows from many years ago to hide the last connection time for anyone to review when we opened the app. Turn it off is very simple but has several consequences:: we cannot see when you are connected to other people and be visible when we are with the app open looking at our list of contacts, or by writing to someone.

in order To disable it we have to follow the following steps:

  • Open the menu ‘Settings‘, you can access it by clicking on the icon in the top right corner where is the list of talks.
  • Inside ‘Settings’ go to the section that says ‘Account‘.
  • Then go to ‘Privacy“.
  • Touch where it says ‘Time of last. time‘ and we choose with who we want to share that information: our contacts, everyone or no one.
  • you can Also uncheck the read receipt if you want from the same section.

it Is a reversible process, as in the rest of applications, so that if at any time we change our opinion, it is very simple to re-enable it.

do Not show the availability in Facebook Messenger

Fb Messenger

Facebook to your messaging service Messenger also allows us to chat so invisible. Your application is great but to access the first time the settings menu it is very intuitive since there is no menu as such but that everything is integrated within the interface they use to manage the account.

  • Click on the thumbnail of our avatar, which you see marked in red in the picture that heads up this section.
  • once there, access to “Status“.
  • Inside we uncheck the tab if it is enabled.

once we do this we will leave to our contacts as we are available. Yes, you may continue to knowing if we have read their messages or not.

Hide the time on Instagram Direct


Instagram has been the latest major social network to add the option to show the time of connection. With this new feature, they have also put the possibility to hide it but to do so, we will have to do it manually. is Our contacts will be able to see when was the last time that we enter in the app through the internal messaging and this is how we can turn it off:

  • we Open our profile (the icon of a person in the bottom bar) and click on the three little lines that appear in the upper-right corner.
  • In the menu that will popup select ‘Settings‘.
  • Do scroll down and look for the option ‘State of activity‘.
  • The deactivate and ready, and no-one else will be able to return to know when we open the app Instagram.

Activate the ninja in Telegram


We end our list with another messaging client well-known. Telegram has always been characterized by offer a lot of options to their users so that you can chat in mode ninja and off the last hour of connection is also possible. To do so, we will have to follow the following steps:

  • Open the menu options by sliding your finger from the left margin toward the center of the screen and click on ‘Settings‘.
  • In this menu, enter the option that appears as ‘Privacy and security‘.
  • Here, as in WhatsApp, you can change who can see our last hour of connection.

As you can see, except Facebook Messenger, it is a very simple process to locate and enable or remove, depending on what most suits us. For the more zealous of the privacy is a very useful way of breathing quiet and avoid others to be attentive constantly if we’re using it or not. ¿I remember when chateábamos in offline mode in MSN Messenger?

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Chat mode ninja: how to hide the last connection time in WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram and Facebook
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February 19, 2019

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