chicfy – To buy or sell your clothes, new shop online in Spanish

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Clothing Stores in Internet there are thousands, but few can sell our own clothes, an option that is appreciated in these times when the ends meet as never bites.

In this category we have , a marketplace where we can sell or buy clothes to others. We can find individuals interested in getting rid of clothing that does not use, fashion designers who bet on the web to market their goods and shops of all kinds who want to dispose of or liquidate stock collections in a non-local.

In chicfy only accept quality items, name brand and in good condition, allowing the sale of both new clothes label, unlabeled, used in excellent condition, seats once all items … displayed in a single address that represents our account on the system, which we will disclose to sell our garments.

Having taken place a purchase chicfy handles call a transit agency to collect the item in our home. All items are priced € 7 added to cover transportation, price always assumes the buyer.

Chicfy will retain 15% of net profit and make a bank transfer each month with all clothing we sold on our site.

A good, and necessary, option to renew the wardrobe without spending more than necessary.

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chicfy – To buy or sell your clothes, new shop online in Spanish
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