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We return one week later with the “Create Your Own Android” and what we will do is learn to completely change our little phone to give the best look possible. Try that each delivery is quite different from the previous style, to cover as many styles.


This time we let things simple, let’s go for something more complicated


ADW Launcher Ex, Nova Launcher

  • Desktop Visualizer
  • MinimalisticText
  • Whiteboard Widget
  • Images ( )
  • Hands


    First of all you need to do is set the ADW Launcher or Nova so it is a desk of size 10 × 10 without the notification bar. For battery widget can use this or this one . Remember that these are issues for UCCW. After installing the application, open the skin UCCW and select this list.

    For the time, calendar and temperature I recommend using Minimalistic Text as did here . Just Follow exactly the same steps to create three widgets, one for each.



    can do two things.

    Option 1: Take this picture and copying with photoshop go one by one all the letters in the squares that interests you the wallpaper. It is a laborious but looks great

  • Option 2: get off a source or gameboy pokemon and as explained here , change fonts of minimalistic Text. Then gradually add text widgets.
  • Widgets


    did here , the key is to create all widgets mini with Desktop Visualizer widgets and put this image as white images. Then, it’s as simple as resize the widget so that it takes exactly the screen size you want.


    For the Poke Ball widgets, first we got the images here and following. create a 3 × 2 widget with Zoom Widget (once you enable, Zoom -> Menu -> Preferences -> Widget Menu Entries, -> Reset Phone). This will open a screen where you can add things. We added a selecciomas autoswitcher and type “image”. Lower part of the “Click Action” and select wireless and ON. Click below in autoswitcher bar, select a new state. We do the same for the wifi on but now for the Wifi off.

    Another way that you can try is to use Elixir Widgets and create a widget by changing the background image.

    Finally, to the bottom we just add a WhiteBoard widget with the background completely transparent and we can write whatever we want there.

    Of course, with a little photoshop e ingenuity you can do a much more even cool. In any case, do not forget to add this tone to your phone. And so, as you see has been very easy. For the next week, another topic. Of course, you can propose topics or send me [email protected] or twitter your creations accompanied by a tutorial.

    I remind you that you can see all the designs we have discussed here

    The Free Android: Create Your Own Android

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    Create Android: Pokémon Style
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