Celebrities who have let their intimate parts be seen

Celebrities who have let their intimate parts be seen
Whether by accident, carelessness or premeditated intent to exhibit, generate controversy or create a media show, the truth is that there are several celebrities who have let their intimate parts be seen and have become the center of attention at the time. Among them we have:

Cameron Diaz

In 2011, as she got out of her car, after enjoying a London party with her friend Naomi Campbell, the black dress above her knees let her eye.

Lindsay Lohan

The recming seems not to be the strength of the American actress, model and singer and on several occasions has been caught showing more. One of them sported a dress whose front opening reached its intimate parts, which made it very likely that at some point some cameraman would capture it at the right time, which actually happened.

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Britney Spears

The princess of pop and one of the pioneers in stopping. In several acts he has shown his noble parts, besides in many cases he wears dresses so short that they have let the rear see in the street or while going for a walk.

Paris Hilton

Showing others seems to be a fad for the model and entrepreneur who on more than one occasion has let her treasure be seen. On one of so many occasions, while celebrating her birthday, she wore a red dress with a front opening so high that she eventually let it be seen that she was not wearing anything underneath.

Miley Cirus

While attending a London act the famous singer opened her legs as she got out of the car and, of course, the cameraman flash reacted fast enough to capture the moment.

Laura Pausini

While giving a concert in Peru the wind played a bad trick on the singer, showing her front to thousands of people who attended. Laura knew how to get around the moment with rascality and humor saying she had it, like all women.


The famous single ladies performer was also punched at the right time, as she got out of her car. This time there was something underneath, but unwrapped enough for the cameras to catch more of the count.

Lady Gaga

She is one of the women who likes to wear risky clothes, which has also allowed her intimate parts to be seen on more than one occasion.One of the most remembered happened in 2014 when she was attending an event in London and apparently wearing her urinated dress.

Reese Witherspoon

The famous actress walked the streets of Hollywood for the purpose of shopping, but the wind made her own showing full view of her rear. However, the actress kept walking like nothing.

Kim Kardashian

Also known as the queen of the detape; the entrepreneur and model has taught on several occasions not only the front,but also the rear, which she seems to not dislike at all.

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