Curious Facts of Sleep

All human beings dream but the physical reactions of man and woman are different because the physical mechanisms are different so the perception of the world changes.

The dreamsty mysteries

People who have gone blind after birth continue to dream and see images unlike blind people of birth who dream but don’t have the ability to see images and their dreams involve more senses like smell, touch and sound.

80% of the population forgets half the dreams in the first 5 minutes after waking up and at 10 minutes the whole dream experience is completely forgotten.

Recent studies have revealed that people who are awakened just before they start dreaming but who still sleep eight hours are more likely to experience difficulty concentrating are irritable and may have hallucinations that later they lead to psychosis there is the vital importance of dreaming, because it helps us to maintain good mental health.

20% of the world’s population dreams only in black and white and 80% dream of color and this trend is associated with violence or death but the true reasons for this absence of color in dreams are still unknown.

People who have stopped smoking experience more lucid dreams; this theory is supported by research done with 290 2-week abstinence smokers and where 33% of patients reported experiencing very lucid dreams compared to those they have had while smoking.

People often dream of things they know or have seen at least once in their life but sometimes they dream things that we haven’t seen but that maybe throughout our lives we’ve traveled but we can’t remember them and that information is stored in the subconscious.

Curious Facts of Sleep
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August 6, 2019

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