Dangers of wearing false eyelashes

It has always been considered that a beautiful look is the focus of a beautiful female face, so beauty specialists have spent hours of their lives in achieving makeup and artifices that come to underline that look, which steals in turn so many others.

In this field come the false lashes, which have been used for decades to populate or make others believe that there is a long and beautiful lashes, which at the same time provide the effect of depth in our gaze, turning our eyes into the spotlight main attraction of our faces.

However, false eyelashes have become a real boon in recent times, becoming a fashion, along with breast implants, hair extensions and false nails.

Thus, in a matter of seconds you can go from having few lashes to having beautiful lashes, as long and populated as you want them. However, not everything is pink, and also in recent times have been presenting several problems related to the ophthalmological health of the users of these lashes, who thinking that it would not bring any kind of inconvenience left their placement in the hands of unprepared people.

If you are one of those girls who thinks that putting on some eyelash extensions is something without any complications, which doesn´t involve special care, we invite you to read some of the dangers that your eyes and your health run, if there is a stumble last lasting your placement or immediately after it. Here are some of the risks you run using tab extensions:


According to an article published during November 2015 by BBC Mundo, the Ministry of Health of Japan joined the past alert made by the College of Ophthalmologists of the United Kingdom regarding the number of infections that can occur from the use – frequent or not –  eyelash extensions.

In this regard, the Japanese institution warned of the terrible symptoms, which can include irritation, inflammation of the eyelids, conjunctivitis and even damage to the cornea, products of acquired infections, thanks to the poor hygiene habits of a non-site authorized or without the ideal conditions for placing such extensions.

Damage to the surface of the eye

Likewise, the BBC reviews, the Japanese authorities have warned that the use of these extensions can cause permanent damage or slow healing, because false eyelashes can scratch or cause injury to the surface of the eye. Similarly, some of the users may have strong allergic reactions to glue, which, as specialists claim, contains a chemical called formaldehyde, which can cause inflammation and irritation.

Similarly, doctors have warned about the fashion of not only placing eyelash extensions, but exaggerating over its length, as exaggeratedly long false eyelashes can become the ideal place for dust and other bacteria to accumulate, which can seriously undermine the health and well-being of our eye.

Removal of the hair follicle of the eyelid

Another of the great dangers of frequently using eyelash extensions is that due to the weight of the extension on the base of the eyelid where our natural eyelashes grow the hair follicle is weakening, even at the risk of it being shed and not grow back.

In other words, the frequent use of eyelash extensions leaves us at risk of losing our own eyelashes, at least this is how a specialist named Robert Dorin claimed for the BBC. Ironically, the eager thing to have the longest, most abundant and beautiful lashes can leave you without lashes forever.


Although it may seem like a simple procedure, placing some eyelash extensions involves a third party – known or not – handling metal tweezers near the surface of your eye, so if you don’t have proper training it can hurt you, causing irreparable damage to your eye, as well as misfitting the extensions, leading to the onset of eye diseases that lead to your sight loss.

Because of this in some countries, such as Japan – as stated by the BBC – it is illegal to place such extensions without proper training and without proper license.

So the next time you’re going to get these extensions make sure to look for a site that has the right certification to perform this procedure, since the health of your eyes and your eyesight is at stake. Remember that looking beautiful can never be above the integral well-being of your health.

Likewise, saving or following some fashions also cannot lead you to be irresponsible with yourself. Eyelash extensions are an aesthetic treatment, and as such should be applied by a professional who knows what it does, so that in the short, medium and long term you have the desired effect without affecting or putting at risk your health, and less a sense as important as d and the view.

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Dangers of wearing false eyelashes
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September 11, 2019

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