Discover what comes to light as the glaciers melt

According to environmental movements, the balance of our planet is changing in leaps and bounds, as a direct consequence of global warming, which is bringing with it the melting of the poles, the rise of the level of the oceans, the warming up the waters, migrating and disappearing entire species, drastically changing the landscape and life.

A great mystery behind the glaciers

Alongside this comes a very particular phenomenon, which is that the melting of the great glaciers does not leave water only in its path, but begins to release what for years was imprisoned inside its ice.

In this sense, in recent years, researchers have been able to find on the surface of the large glaciers remnants of air accidents, jewels, traces of ancient civilizations and even the bodies of mountaineers lost more than thirty years ago.

As a special report by BBC London explains, when an object or body is lying on the surface of the glacier, it can become trapped within the glacier’s structure. According to his british medium, Martin Grosjean, a glacier specialist at the Swiss Oeschger Institute at the University of Berne, glaciers tend to move forward and backward naturally, while constituting quite a piece of land Complex.

In light of its annotations, there are basically different situations in the upper and lower part of the glacier. So while at the top of the glacier you get snow, at the bottom the heat melts the ice, and the glacier slides down, all falling into a kind of crack. That’s when what’s been trapped for hundreds of years can appear in the lower part of the natural ice structure.

Grosjean also commented to the BBC that the time when an object trapped by a glacier can be released ranges from twenty-hundred years, but that in the last few years that speed has increased due to global warming, as the glaciers are going back more fast.

For example, during 2013, rescue pilot Gerold Biner was able to spot on the ice of the Alps the body of Jonathan Conville, a British mountaineer, who disappeared in 1979, and who returned to the surface after the ice, which caught him and dragged him by thirty and four years towards the center of the glacier, it melted.

Similarly, according to the bbc’s work, in 2014 there were several unexpected finds on the surface of the glaciers.

For example, during the month of September (time of year pointed to by scientists as the thinnest time of the ice sheet, due to the culmination of summer) the bodies of Masayuki Kobaysahi and Michio Oikawa, Japanese mountaineers, who disappeared in 1070, and who for forty-four years remained sliding towards the center of the glacier until finally the layer of ice that held them melted.

However, findings on the surfaces of glaciers aren´t limited only to the bodies of mountaineers that disappeared decades ago. During 2014, in the Swiss Alps, researchers were able to find the remains of an American aircraft lost during one of the bombings of World War II.

Also that same year, the remains of a commercial aircraft of the Air India line that had crashed in 1966 were found on one of the faces of the Mont Blanc hill with a shipment of jewelry and precious stones, which was intact.

In this sense, the retreat of the glaciers is so dramatic that not only are elements that have been trapped in the ice trapped in the ice decades, but that objects that date back centuries are also beginning to be found.

The findings are so overwhelming that even, as some specialists in the BBC’s work mention, the situation has given rise to a new science: glacial archaeology, which would now be responsible for classifying, studying and documenting the elements found as the ice giants retreat.

For example, during the investigations, remains of clothing and utensils dating back more than five thousand years old, have been found in southern Berne, and which account for an Alpine civilization belonging to the Bronze Age, illustrating archaeologists on the level of progress that these ancient inhabitants of the Alps had.

Ancient nails belonging to Roman shoes have also been found, a discovery that joins the fact in 1991, when on the border between Italy and Austria scientists found Oetzi, a mummified man of three thousand years old.

In this way the planet continues to increase its temperature, causing the melting of the planet, which gradually reveals that those mysteries that for centuries have remained secretly trapped by its ice prison appear before our eyes, to surprise us and also alert us to the steps we are taking as a civilization. If you liked this article, share it on your social networks and tell us your opinion about the subject, in the comments box.

If you liked this article, share it on your social networks and tell us your opinion about the subject, in the comments box.

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Discover what comes to light as the glaciers melt
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August 25, 2019

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