Examples of healthy snacks

One of the big concerns of moms or those who want to take care of their health is what healthy meal options we can incorporate into our daily menu. This time we will offer two delicious dishes that you can prepare for your snacks in the middle of the afternoon or why not for a nutritious and balanced dinner.

Examples of healthy snacks

Liver Molds

These rich liver molds offer you a rich and original choice, both for the children of the house and for adults, as well as being aesthetically quite attractive. For your preparation you will need the following ingredients: one (1) cup of hot water / two (2) banquet ingesteens / four hundred (400) grams of beef liver / fifty (50) grams of butter / four (4) eggs / two (2) tablespoons parsley, which you should finely chop / one (1) satteaspoon of papal/medium powder (1/2) teaspoon of salt / one (1) tablespoon white bread crumbs.

You will also need the following items: one (1) deep bowl / one (1) blender, food processor or one (1) meat mill / one (1) fork / four (4) ceramic molds or wells / one (1) large pot / one (1) small pot / one (1) large dish Nit. Once you have gathered all the ingredients we will proceed with the preparation, for which we will start by soaking the buns in hot water, once they have completely absorbed the moisture, we must then squeeze them, in order to remove from them the greatest possible amount of water.

Likewise, you will have to grab the veal liver and remove from it the thin transparent cloth that covers it, once you have done this, with the help of a meat mill or a food processor (although you can also use the blender) you will then proceed to grind the liver of your recipe, although you also have the option to ask the butcher to help you with that step, so that I can deliver the meat as you need it.

Set aside in a bowl, place the ground liver meat and stir in the butter. Also, go adding the eggs one by one, while whisking the mixture with a fork.

When you have as homogeneous a dough as possible, add the bread rolls you’ve soaked in hot water before, as well as parsley and patric. Keep whisking vigorously until you get a textured and as compact dough as possible.

Grease your crates or ceramic wells with butter. Then cover the bottom of each of them with the breadcrumbs. When they’re ready, fill your pans with the beef liver dough you prepared.

Place a large pot on the fire with a little water inside. Inside it place a smaller pot, which does not touch the sides of the large pot. In that small pot place your little pans, so that they are cooked an average of thirty-five minutes in a water bath.

After this time, you should remove from the pot and flip over a preheated dish so that they retain their shape. This recipe can be eaten with some slices of white bread or soda cookies, on the surfaces of which you can spread your liver molds. It is also recommended to eat using a glass of milk or a cup of tea as on a table.

It can also serve as a dinner option, swapping bread for a rich mashed potatoes and peas in butter, thus obtaining a fun and rich dish that will pamper and feed your family, providing them with a balanced meal of high nutritional value.

Healthy breads

Another option you can choose for a rich snack or maybe a light and nutritious dinner are these healthy little buns. For its preparation you will need the following ingredients: a quarter (1/4) pound of small frozen shrimp / one (1) tender lettuce / two (2) round buns / twenty-five (25) grams of butter / a quarter (1/4) cucumber / two (2) celery branches / two ( 2) medium/medium tomatoes (1/2) teaspoon ground white pepper / a quarter (1/4) teaspoon salt.

For the preparation of this dish it is good that you start by thawing the shrimp. Also in a deep bowl place a little water, a splash of white vinegar, and after washing the lettuce very well, immerse it in this water with vinegar, in order to kill any bacteria it contains in its leaves.

Once your shrimp is thawed and clean, set a frying pan on the fire. When hot, add butter and two tablespoons of chopped garlic into very small pieces, when the garlic starts to brown, add your shrimp and mix in enveloping motions. Leave on the heat, stirring occasionally, until the shrimp turn pink, and when you taste them, they are as tender as possible.

When the shrimp are cold, we will proceed to assemble the dish. To do this, horizontally cut the buns in the center and put them with butter, if you prefer you can use varieties of butter with garlic or parsley, to give more flavor to your preparation. After about ten minutes, remove the lettuce out of the water with vinegar, and drain it very well. Add it on your little buns.

Over it add the cucumber slices. Immediately add the shrimp, and garnish with the tomato slices, sprinkle with salt and pepper. If you prefer, you can also sprinkle the shrimp with lemon juice before serving on your bread. And you already have another rich dish that you can accompany with black tea, hot or cold!

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Examples of healthy snacks
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