Examples of how to prepare Christmas desserts

Whenever the Christmas season comes, family reunions begin, reunions with old friends, the prayer of novenas or carol chants, and any other occasion where the main objective is to share with those loved ones, to whom they sometimes we don’t get the chance to see so often over the course of the year.

Examples of how to prepare Christmas desserts

However, a beautifully decorated house and all your affection, sometimes are not enough to welcome these special guests. You’ll also need something to pamper them with, for which traditional Christmas desserts are an excellent choice.

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This time we bring some examples of how to prepare the most famous Christmas desserts in different regions of the world,so that you have a varied and delicious menu with which to treat your family and friends next Christmas.

Here are three delicious desserts, with which you can sweeten your Christmas nights:

NutTd custard

Typical of the Colombian lands, this recipe is a delicious and rich recipe, which will also fulfill the function of adorning your Christmas Night table. To prepare it you will need the following ingredients: one (1) large can of condensed milk / a quarter (1/4) pound of ground nuts / one (1) teaspoon nutmeg / five (5) tablespoons corn starch / two (2) cups of milk / one or two (1 or 2) cuharaditas vanilla essence. You will also need one (1) large pot / as well as one (1) serving pan.

Once you have all your food available, we will then proceed to place our pot on the fire, while we pour in it a cup of liquid milk, next to the condensed milk. Mix and stir until it starts to boil.

Once the boiling process has happened, we will then proceed to dissolve the corn starch in the second cup of milk. When we have achieved a homogeneous mixture, we will then add it to the milk with condensed milk, along with vanilla, nutmeg and the quarter pound of crushed nuts. We will cook until it reaches the boiling point again, stirring constantly with a wooden paddle or spoon, while the mixture thickens.

Remove from the heat, and pour the mixture into the pan. It is allowed to cool to room temperature until it is set, although some people prefer to bring it to the fridge. When ready, it is taken out of the mold, and garnished with walnuts, maraschino cherries or some other ingredient of your liking. And already, you can serve at your table this delicious and beautiful dessert, which will surely delight your guests.

Fried Milk

Originally from Galicia, Spain, Fried Milk is a traditional recipe that can not be missed in the recipes of grandmothers and mothers, as well as a delicious option for your afternoons and evenings. To prepare it you will need to gather the following ingredients: medium (1/2) liter of milk / one (100) grams of sugar / forty (40) grams of corn starch / the peel of a lemon / one (1) cinnamon sprig / one (1) teaspoon of vanilla essence / a little cinnamon in powder / two (2) tablespoons sugar / one (1) egg / one (1) additional cup of corn starch to be used for battering / vegetable oil. You will also need one (1) large pot / as well as one (1) pan.

When you have all the necessary ingredients and elements, proceed to cook for ten minutes, and simmer, four hundred (400 cc) cubic centimeters of milk, lemon peel, cinnamon and sugar, but only ninety grams of it, the other ten Keep them apart. Remove from heat and allow to cool. When enough time has passed, simmer the mixture again.

In parallel, mix the corn starch, with the excess sugar and the ten (10 cc) cubic centimeters of the excess milk, and we whisk until we get a homogeneous mixture, which we will then incorporate into the mixture that we have to the fire, stirring slowly with a wooden spoon.

When a thick mixture has formed, we remove from the heat, and take it to a glass container, so that it cools to room temperature, once reached we will take the mixture to the fridge or refrigerator, not without first covering the mixture with a clear plastic paper.

When this mixture has curdled, we will then proceed to cut them into small rectangles and sketch it. For this we pass first through the corn starch, then through a beaten egg, and again through the corn starch.

We then proceed to immerse it in boiling oil, until they take a golden color, remove from the oil and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. And now, you have another delicious dessert with which to entertain your guests at Christmas!

Milky Candy

Coming from Venezuela, milky or papaya candy is a true institution of Christmas sweets in this South American country. To prepare it you will need one (1) milky or papaya, about two and a half kilos / three (3) liters of water / half ( 1/2) tablespoon bicarbonate / twelve (12) cups of panela or striped paper / eight (8) spice cloves / three (3) liters of additional water, which dest you’ll stop for the syrup. You will also need one (1) large pot / one (1) pasta strainer.

Once you have all the elements available, proceed to cut the papaya or milky into strips about a centimeter thick, if possible leave them to the hands half a day within reach of the sun’s rays. Then place the three litres of water in a large pot and bring it to the fire.

When the water has boiled, add the milky, cover and let it cook for at least five minutes. After this time, remove from the heat, strain into a pasta strainer and bathe with cold water immediately to stop cooking.

In another pot, prepare the syrup. For this you will place the paper, nails, sugar and the rest of the water. Take it to the fire for at least fifteen minutes, where you will allow it to cook uncovered. Once cooked, you’ll add the syrup to the milky bed, for which you’ll strain it with a fabric filter. When you have syrup and milky together, bring them back to the fire, and cook the preparation for an hour and a half more.

The point to remove it from the heat is when your syrup is about to caramel, meaning it comes off your wooden spoon in the form of threads. Turn off, let it cool down at room temperature, then take it to the fridge to keep it cool. Every time you have guests, serve it at your table, and you’ll see how they revel in this tasty treat.

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