Facts about motherhood in animals

The realm of animals is enriched with striking stories and very strange facts in the eyes of the human public.

Symptoms in males and females

In the animal kingdom there are males who conceive the offspring, as is the case with seahorses, who perform a beautiful dance, whose purpose is purely sexual and ends with the fertilization of the eggs typical of the female and the male horses, are sheltered inside their sack where they will have to stay until they are ready to be born and break the shell.

Interestingly, the male experiences muscle contractions and labor pains, so that the horses can go out to live in the depths of the sea.

Panda bears in most cases have 2 cubs, but have a preferred one that they choose immediately at birth time. They consent and protect them much more than the other puppy that does not run with the same luck, but in this act there is no evil and selfishness as in the human race, but on the contrary, mothers choose one who will be taught how to survive in such a hostile environment This is where we live, because she can’t guarantee survival for both of us and for that reason the favorite brother can teach the other puppy how to survive in the jungle.

Mother’s gestures

Young elephants who have never given birth to offspring, serve as auxiliaries to others of their kind, to raise their small elephants, that elephants have a babysitting service that guarantees the survival of their young while the parents go in search of Food. This gesture not only serves to care for other babies, but at the same time prepares female elephants to develop their role as mothers, in the future.

In a very peculiar way, the pipe fish to choose the mother-to-be of their creatures, put some special buns, in a perfect and wonderful way. These animals, the more attractive they see the female fish, can multiply the number of eggs and ensure the survival of their species but in addition to all the males also care for the eggs until they are born and grow.

Image source: pixabay.com

Facts about motherhood in animals
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August 31, 2019

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