Find out the leading cause of death in your country

Human beings, like all living beings, are totally influenced by the environment around us.

In this sense, for today’s man, the environment in which it develops is constituted by the city and the country where he lives, which has specific environmental, social, economic and health characteristics, which have a significant impact on his even age and approximate causes of death.

According to an article published on the Vox portal, based on a study conducted over twenty-three years (from 1990 to 2013) by the medical journal The Lancet, which examined the leading causes of death in each country. With the data from this study, Vox drew a world map, whose legend shows us what are the most common causes of deaths by country.

In light of this work, it can be found that in the developed countries of the five continents, life expectancy is high, the leading cause of death being death from heart complications or heart problems.

In this way, the inhabitants of Canada, the United States, Mexico, Guyana, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Belarus, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, Turkey, Egypt, as well as the countries of Eastern Europe are the inhabitants of the world who have the highest life expectancy, presenting a predisposition to die from heart attacks.

Likewise, the work carried out by Vox shows that the African continent has the highest rate of premature deaths, due to the high rate of infectious diseases, such as pneumonia, malaria and AIDS.

At least forty per cent of deaths are of young people under the age of fifteen. It is also worth noting the situation in Algeria and Sudan, countries where most of these early deaths are due to premature births, presenting the highest pre-time birth rate on the planet.

Meanwhile, the countries of the Middle East divide their causes of death. On the one hand, countries such as Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Oman have the highest rate of traffic accidents, making them the leading cause of death in these nations. On the other hand, countries such as Syria, Palestine and Afghanistan present within their main cause of death the war, having a fairly short life expectancy rate.

As for Asia, this eastern continent has seen its life expectancy slightly diminished over the years, seeing an increase in early deaths, its main cause of death being strokes. In this regard, experts point out that the increase in these attacks is due to poor diet, excessive intake of sugars and processed foods and sedentary lifestyles, habits that in recent years have been acquired by the inhabitants of countries such as China, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

Finally, in the Americas it can be seen that the causes of death are attributed to two major causes. If we take into account countries such as Guatemala (in Central America) and Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia (in Latin America) we find that the main causes of death are respiratory infections of low pathways, that is, pulmonary infections.

For their part, countries such as El Salvador (in Central America) as well as in Venezuela and Colombia (Latin America) are the leading cause of death are given by homicides, with violence being the reason for most deaths in these nations.

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Find out the leading cause of death in your country
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