Grappa-based cocktails

Perhaps one of the most apotheotic returns in the bar world is that of Grappa, a spirit drink, of great alcohol concentration, and much appreciated in Europe, which after spending nearly two decades in oblivion, since 2009 has again positioned itself as a Ideal option to make cocktails with great personality.

About the Grappa

However, despite this rediscovery, many people do not know the nature and origin of this transparent and powerful brandy that is more entrenched in the world of bars every day. In this way, it is best to briefly review some historical and conceptual points about this traditional European drink.

In this sense, most of the sources consulted agree that Grappa can basically be defined as a brandy made based on the distillation of grape pomace, i.e. solid parts of the grape, which have not been used for ela wine’s beeration. As for its alcoholic strength, the specialists point out that there is a great variety, depending on the origin of this pomace brandy, which usually has a concentration between 38 and 60 alcoholic grades.

With regard to its provenance, some authors highlight the existence of data and research that place Ancient Egypt as the cradle of the Grappa, which would give this brandy thousands of years of existence. However, this is just one of the theories. What is verifiable 100% is that this brandy has been consumed on European soil for some five hundred years, with Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece and France having the most predilection for it, as well as Argentina and Uruguay.

Grappa-based cocktails

However, although this pomaway distillate was very popular during the mid-20th century, for years it was relegated to oblivion, being considered simply a spirit drink, consumed in a traditional way.

However, with the staging of spirits as protagonists of the most chic cocktails, the world of bars turned its eyes again on the Grappa, opening itself to inventiveness. Here are some of the simplest cocktails that this new stage has originated for Grappa:

Grappa tonic

One of the most popular cocktails with Grappa is Grappa Tonic, which is offered as a fairly original version of Gin Tonic. To prepare it it will be necessary to have available the following ingredients: one (1) ounce of Grappa / four (4) ounces of tonic /medium water ( 1/2) ounce of lemon juice / one (1) lemon spiral.

Gather all the elements, the grappa, tonic water and lemon juice will be placed in a shaker, stirring vigorously. The preparation will be served directly in a long glass, which has been previously decorated with a lemon spiral. A slice of lemon can also be placed on the edge of the glass.


Another of the grappa-based cocktails popular in the bar world is Macopolitan, which is a fairly avant-garde version of cosmopolitan. To prepare it it will be necessary to have available one (1) handful of ice / one (1) ounce of Grappa / one (1) ounce of Vodka / one (1) ounce of lemon juice / some mango bits / one (1) grenadine spark / one (1) blue healing spark.

When preparing this cocktail, it will be necessary to have at your disposal a blender, in which the grappa, vodka, lemon juice and mango pieces will be added, processing until you obtain a fairly homogeneous drink. When the process is finished, it will sneak straight into a martini glass. Finally it will be added in layers of the grenadine and the blue curazao. Finally, the cup will be decorated with a mango triangle.

Grappa sour

Also, lovers of pisco and strong flavors will find in the Grappa sour an innovative version of the renowned cocktail Pisco sour. To prepare it, it will be necessary to have one (1) ounce of grappa / three (3) ounces of lemon juice / medium ( 1/2) egg white / one (1) handful of crushed ice.

When you want to prepare this cocktail, you will need to add the grappa, lemon and egg white in a shaker, where it will mix vigorously. It will then be served directly in a short, previously cooled glass. It will be sprinkled with cinnamon powder, and you are ready to serve.

Fire Slow

Finally, sambuca lovers can find in the Grappa an ideal ingredient to know other types of digestives. To prepare this drink, it will then be necessary to have one (1) handful of ice / one (1) part grappa / two (2) parts of cointreau / one (1) lump of sugar. At the time of serving, the ingredients should be poured into a shaker, mixed vigorously, and strained directly into a chout. When you take it to the table, it can be flamed, in order to give even more warmth to this drink.

Grappa Nonino is known for being a small company, but one of the most famous grappa producers in Italy. Its first distiller was founded in the Friuli region by Orazio Nonino.

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Grappa-based cocktails
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September 21, 2019

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