Hidden messages behind the brands of large companies

Countless brands of all kinds of products, today they invade us with their various and varied advertisements where they exhibit their logos and symbols. Most are instantly recognized by anyone, but almost no one knows that many of these brands contain hidden subliminal messages, with a predefined intent.

Program the subconscious mind

Here’s the VAIO logo-symbol. At the beginning only the word VAIO is appreciated; however, if one stops to observe in more detail, it is noted that the first two letters form an analog symbol and the final two are binary numbers. What will be its meaning?

Now let’s look at the AMAZON logo. Many would say that the arrow is similar to a smiley face. According to its designers, this means that Amazon only aims to keep all its customers happy and pleased.

We can see that the arrow is pointing from the letter ‘A’ to the ‘Z’. But really, it goes deeper and you can discover its clearer intentions, such as that arrow represents that Amazon has a rich diversity of products for sale, from A to Z. Let’s not forget that Amazon was originally an online bookstore.

Audi’s might seem like a pretty simple logo, but it’s actually complex to message. There are four intertwined circles that from one point of view could be seen as the four companies that founded the ‘Auto-Union’ Consortium in 1932: Audi, Horch, DKW and Wanderer. It is also regarded as a dark esoteric symbol.

There are those who associate the LG logo with the Pac Man design, the “cookie eater”. But if it goes deeper, it is clear that the ‘L’ and ‘G’ contained in a circle represent the future, the world, the young, technology and humanity. Precisely, one of its mottos is “Our philosophy is based on humanity”. To give a message to the trusted subconscious in the product, the predominant red color is used in the image.

Adidas. This is another symbol that is apparently very simple and simple, but hides many strange things, such as, it is associated with a horizontal pyramid, symbol of the illuminatis of Bavaria, a secret society that some scholars say, control the power behind power in every nation in the world and impose fashions, among other things.

For their part, there are designers who claim that the mountain means the tests that athletes who use them and so many others must face, that stripes mean nothing but strategic simplicity.

Hidden messages behind the brands of large companies
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