How to know if it is a boy or girl in pregnancy

One of the most beautiful things for a woman is to become a mother and, when she is pregnant, one of the biggest concerns is to know what the sex of the baby will be, whether it will be a boy or a girl.

The way to predict the sex of the baby

The best way to know is without doubt, by means of an ultrasound from the fourth to fifth month of pregnancy, when the genital organs are perceptible. Apart from this, the company MYGEN has developed a product that consists of a simple pregnancy test with which you can know not only if the woman is pregnant, but what will be the sex of the baby at a height as early as four weeks, that is, from the first month of pregnancy.

To use it the woman pricks a finger and puts two drops of blood in a reactive chemical that will detect the XY chromosome in the blood. If you find it, the baby will be a child, if you do not find it, you will have a girl.

There are also other methods, very homemade and rooted in popular culture with which it is argued that the sex of the baby can be predicted with greater or lesser degree of success. Among them we find:

  1. The shape and size of the mother’s belly

If the belly is large, round and wide hips, it is presumed that you will have a girl. If the belly is small, pointed and not wide of hips, it is presumed that it will have a child.

  1. Needle test

This system consists of juniper a needle and put it close to the mother’s belly. If the needle rotates in a circular shape it will be a girl, while if it rotates in a pendulum shape, left and right, it will be a child.

  1. Test with baking

This method is also quite simple, and consists of mixing in equal amounts sodium bicarbonate and the first urine of the day. If the mixture makes bubbles it will be a child. However, if it does not make bubbles it is presumed that it will be a girl.

  1. Test of the Chinese table

Finally, we leave them with the Chinese table test. It is a very popular method in that country and is based on a table that, according to the legend was buried about 700 years ago in the tomb of a royal family. To use it, it is enough to look for the month in which the conception was made and the age that the woman had at that moment. It is presumed that this system has a high level of success, but there are no scientific studies in this regard.

The ancients knew very well how to make these deductions, especially grandmothers. In the different indigenous American cultures, that knowledge still prevails. In fact, women are very intuitive and know these things instinctively and intuitively. If you know more techniques or ways please write them in the comment box.

How to know if it is a boy or girl in pregnancy
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June 30, 2019

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