Implications of the discovery of extraterrestrial life

Very few people, and very rarely, think about the implications of the discovery of extraterrestrial life, in the whole sequence of changes of all kinds that this would represent for humanity. Good, here’s a sketch of everything that would entail. More than presenting answers, questions arise.

Implications of the discovery of extraterrestrial life

Consequences of the discovery of extraterrestrial life

This is usually the case – and also aided by the imperative need for survival, to achieve daily sustenance, or to satisfy our own vices – few people raise the question of a possible discovery of intelligent life that comes from of outer space. However, talking about discovery is the wrong thing, because the discovery was already made thousands of years ago. Disclosure is another thing, for it is a secret that has not been disclosed or made known to the crowds, in a massive way.

So what we need to talk about is the implications, the consequences in the event that extraterrestrial intelligent life is massively disclosed by governments. Among the questions we might raise:

Economic implications

Just as political, economic groups, partner countries, etc. exist in our world, is there a galactic confederation? Our galaxy, which galaxy do you have trade or other deals with? Could we, the terrestrials enter the galactic confederation?

Religious implications

If it is true that Jesus-God must have been killed on Earth to redeem humanity from sin, should God be killed from world to world? So being God is the worst punishment anyone can bear?

If any religion on earth, which is claimed to be true, is that of an extraterrestrial humanity false? Or vice versa, if a humanity in outer space has a religion – and which they presume to be true – are all those on earth false?


Can we make racial crosses for the purpose of generating new races? Or with the seeds, with the animals, etc.

Sociology and anthropology

How does an extraterrestrial individual interact with his own and with the inhabitants of other worlds? Does the term ‘citizen vialactino’ fit? If, for example, there was intelligent life on Jupiter, does the expression “extrajupiterian” (for everything that is from outside the earth be called extraterrestrial)?

Of course, these are just one of the many questions we might ask ourselves; just a few of the many implications that the discovery of extraterrestrial life would entail (we would have questions in all areas of knowledge: biology, history, psychology, linguistics, medicine, science, art, and much more).

Is this why governments are silent about this? Because then, the avalanche of questions, in every sense, would be so great that they could not face them, or they would be forced to declare very thorny truths and that would put at risk many monopolies, and of every kind.

Great thinkers and esoteric thinkers have warned that when the time comes for a mass sighting of UFOs, all mankind will be taught the true path to Light and Wisdom, to Truth. They will be informed about the techniques for awakening Consciousness. But according to the prophecies say, not all people will be willing to do so.

Implications of the discovery of extraterrestrial life
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