Non-alcoholic cocktails for Christmas

Although December is par excellence the month of the festivities, where i continue the evenings are accompanied by meals, friends and toasts, not all – whether by choice or need – can enjoy these elements in the same way that the general of the People.

Non-alcoholic cocktails

An example of this is people who for some reason cannot consume alcoholic beverages, which however doesn´t imply that during the Christmas holidays they don´t have options when it comes to enjoying delicious cocktails, as there are many experts in bars, which have been given to the task of creating exquisite drinks that don´t have a single drop of alcohol.

Likewise, this option will not only place in good spirits those who have decided or must keep the alcohol at bay during December, but will be an incredible opportunity for the younger, to share the festivities with their elders, through these cocktails that prove once again that to enjoy a pleasant moment it is not always necessary to have the help of alcohol.

Therefore, most event advisors have been advising as a necessary element of every well-organized party, the presence of a table of non-alcoholic drinks, since every day more people join the healthy trend , which, among other things, involves leaving alcohol aside, without this forcing them not to have colorful, refreshing, original and delicious drinks.

Non-alcoholic Christmas cocktail recipes

Even if it were impossible to build a complete list of the wide variety of options that have emerged based on non-alcoholic cocktails, at least a configuration can be offered based on the most popular preparations on the web, which can be perfect when it comes to accompanying the Christmas festivities, among other celebrations. Here are some of them:

Saint Francisco Cocktail

One of the most sought-after options, when it comes to non-alcoholic cocktails, will be the Saint Francisco Cocktail, which will perfectly combine the flavors and colors of citrus fruits. To prepare it it will be necessary to have at hand the following ingredients: half (1/2) ounce of orange juice / medium ( 1/2 ) ounce of lemon juice / one third ( 1/3 ) ounce of pineapple juice / one third (1/3) ounce of peach juice / one (1) spark of granadine drizzrito.

When preparing this cocktail, a shaker should be made, in which all the juices will be added, stirring vigorously. The drink is then strained directly into a long glass, complete with sparkling water or cold soda, and the grenadine spark is added. This cocktail can also be garnished with a slice or triangle of some of the juice fruits that have been used.

Non-alcoholic screwdriver

Another non-alcoholic cocktail that is quite popular is the Non-Alcoholic Screwdriver. To prepare it it will be necessary to have at hand some ice cubes / two (2) ounces of orange juice / three (3) ounces of orange soda / and one (1) spark of grenadine.

Likewise, when making this cocktail will be made directly in the long glass in which it will be served. The ice, then the juice and soda, as well as the grenadine spark will be added first, stirring the preparation with a mixer, in order to generate this colorful and refreshing Christmas option without a drop of alcohol.

Apple mojito

So also, those lovers of mojitos, who for some reason have decided to spend December without consuming alcoholic beverages, have the option to continue enjoying their beloved mojitos, that is, totally healthy.

To prepare them, it will be necessary to have at hand two (2) apples / one tablespoon of lemon juice / one (1) tablespoon of sparkling water / six (6) mint leaves / one (1) handful of ice. When making the drink, the mint leaves with lemon and sugar will need to be processed in a mortar. Placing the preparation afterwards in the long glass where it will be served. In addition, they will peel and the heart will be removed from the apples, in order to remove all seed, and processed in the blender. Lemon, mint and sparkling water will be added. It’s served cold.

Non-alcoholic mimosa

Finally, one of the non-alcoholic cocktails preferred for decembrins festivals is the non-alcoholic Mimosa. To prepare it it will need to have two (2) ounces of orange juice / one (1) ounce of sparkling water / one (1) ounce of non-alcoholic cider. In this order, the ingredients will be added to a flute-like glass, previously cooled and frosted in red or green sugar, which will give you that Christmas touch, ideal for a good evening toast.


Non-alcoholic cocktails for Christmas
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September 21, 2019

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