Seven of Wands Tarot Card Meaning


Known as the Rough Seven. This card ranks seventh in the Suit of Wands of the Tarot Minor Arcanes. On this occasion we will try to make a synthesis of the meanings and interpretations that give this deck most of the experts in this divinatory method that apparently was created in Italy during the Middle Ages.

In this card we can see from front a young boy, who holds a wands in his hand with which he tries to defend himself from six other wands, held by his enemies, which outnumber him.

Despite the expression of this boy does not convey at all a sense of defeat or anguish, on the contrary he is standing firmly, ready to fight and overcome. In addition, although he is one and his enemies six, the boy is in a higher position than his opponents, which he interpreted by some experts in symbology as a clear sign of advantage to the protagonist of this card.

Broadly speaking – as expressed by Tarot scholars – this card symbolizes the desire to fight to the death for what we stand for or believe. Likewise the number of this card: seven, tells us that the boy has the means to emerge victorious, for this number is always related to victories and maturity over difficulties.


In the first instance, the tarotists emphasize that the Rough Seven is a card that represents conflict with other people. So it is also a card that reports clashes between different ways of thinking, in this sense because it is an attack and constant counter-attack, also indicates to the consultant the waiting situation, since the conflict reported by this card only will be possible to fix over time.

In the same way this card gives an account of the strength of convictions that the consultant or the person he asks for, for despite social oppositions, he is willing to confront whoever he may be and fight to defend his beliefs.

However, the presence of the Seven of Wands also sends a warning to the one who confronts a group for defending their way of thinking, asking whether it is really worth printing all that effort in trying to impose their ways.

In this sense, perhaps, the Seven of Wands may appear to point out to the consultant that perhaps the most productive thing isn´t to seek the confrontation, but to flow into other spaces where it will be better welcomed. However, this doesn´t mean at all fleeing, but knowing how to intelligently invest our energies in places where they aren´t lost in vain.

However, if the decision is to stay and fight, this card presents very good aspects about future results, because although the fight is difficult, if the cause is fair, number seven and the combined scales promise a deserved victory for those who have known defend oneself in law for a noble goal.

As for the specific blueprints of existence, this card also has specific meanings. For example in the work area, the presence of this card speaks of possible clashes or unfair competitions by some co-workers. However, the consultant has the elements and knowledge to impose his ideas and demonstrate his knowledge in the field.

It also heralds a time of difficult battles that will end the victory, as long as the consultant fights in good leadership, as this card refers to the triumphs obtained through honest fighting.

To the economic level, this card speaks of problems in our finances, in the light of attacks on our finances. We also need to analyze the presence of the Seven of Wands in context, to know what kind of dangers we are being warned about.

In this sense the consultant must know that many times many energies can be lost trying to show things to people who do not care, so sometimes it is better to go our way until we find a group where we and our ideas are better accepted.

On the loving level, this card may refer to comments and gossip from people close to us about our relationship, which we will try to defend to the fullest, because the Seven of Wands always marks the defense that the consultant must make about what in what believe sits or loves, in the face of your surroundings.

Likewise you have to analyze the card in the company of the others to know for sure whether the fight undertaken by the consultant in defense of his love is worth while or will grant him victory over his detractors.

If it appears inverted

On the other hand, if the card appears in an inverted position, i.e. headlong, you must be aware of its meaning, for in this position it does not augur a good victory. In this sense he may be indicating that the consultant is going through for a moment his personality that leads him constantly to seek conflict and confrontation, so his presence in this position can serve as a warning, for the person who ask seek your balance and peace, so you can see the clearest path.

Likewise, the inverted position of the Seven of Wands tells the consultant that he does not have the best omens for his battle, because the situation is quite unbalanced and becomes unpredictable, so it is better to go back or continue in other directions allow a much clearer and more stable look at the future.

Sometimes it is better to flow or retreat, than to continue to lose energy or face situations that put our integrity at risk.

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Seven of Wands Tarot Card Meaning
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August 31, 2019

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