The best pop rock bands

Music definitely moves us life and the best is neither classical nor folkloric, etc., but the one we like. And this time, for pop rock lovers, we bring you a list of 5 of the best pop rock bands. According to the statistics, most pop rock fans consider the top five bands to be as follows:

Millions of records sold

One Direction: is an England band that emerged from the “Factor x” program, in which its five members first made their name to the masses. Although they lost the contest on that occasion, they came in third place and became One Direction. Today it is one of the favorites of lovers of this genre.

The classic British group The Beatles, remains a favorite despite the passing of the generations. Consisting of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Geroge Harrison and Ringo Starr, they continue their wave of beatlemania imposed since the 1960s.

In place number three we have Maroon 5, an American band formed in 1994, but it was first called Kara’s Flowers and until 2001, its name changed to Maroon5.

Next up is OneRepublic, an American pop rock group formed in 2003 in Colorado, known worldwide thanks to their first single from the album “Apologize”.

At number five is Big Time Rush, whose origins date back to a television series on the Nickelodeon channel, which began in April 2010.

Of course, pretending to reflect in only 5 bands all the feeling of many fans of this type of music is impossible and only reflects a sample of pop rock music lovers. So in comments you can talk about any other grouping you think should be in unfailing in all tops.

The best pop rock bands
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July 20, 2019

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