The country where tourists are killed

In the world there are many beautiful places that every tourist eager for new experiences would not hesitate to visit and where he would be welcomed with open arms by the locals because tourism is one of the best dividends that leaves in exchange for careful attentions for the tourist. But what would happen if in return for good received he was killed?

A dark island

Well, such is the case of North Sentinel, an island located east of the Gulf of Bengal, in the Indian Ocean. Sentinel has an extension that does not exceed 72 square kilometers, has beautiful crystal clear waters of deep blue, clean beaches, without any pollution and thick virgin vegetation. Undoubtedly, the closest thing to earthly paradise where anyone tastefully likened would take a good dip in its waters or take some tanning.

Unfortunately there lives a tribe for about 60,000 years whose hostility towards strangers is extreme and allow absolutely no contact with other people except the natives of their own island and anyone who has dared to go there she has been killed or greeted with arrows and stones, understanding the message in a timely manner to flee there and make it out alive.

Sentinel del Norte is under Indian administration; however, even the same authorities who wanted to make contact with the inhabitants of the island were able to enter the point that they decreed a three-mile isolation zone, beyond which they did not access because, according to what they manifest, they got tired of losing lives uselessly.

It is estimated that there could inhabit between 50 and 400 people, but sentinels have preferred to live in total isolation, so much so that they are the only tribe on earth that does not yet know one of the most basic discoveries: fire.

The country where tourists are killed
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July 31, 2019

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