The day liquid water was discovered flowing on Mars

The search for life outside planet Earth requires an indispensable factor: water. And while Mars was long believed to be an arid planet, NASA, in late September 2015, stated that it had found liquid water on the red planet under certain circumstances.

Another great mystery of the neighboring red planet

Likewise, the space agency stated that there was spectral evidence about brackish water running along the slopes of the Martian hills in certain seasons. This, according to scientists, explains the dark lines that appear in the photos in the likeness of flow rates that gradually descend as lightning strikes.

Scientists had previously confirmed that Mars had had an ocean about 4.5 billion years ago and that it had occupied about 19% of the Martian surface, but it was considered that what remained of it would lie beneath the planet’s surface red, possibly in the form of ice.

However, the new discovery put things on another level because it is liquid water flowing through the Martian surface, with saline composition, one of the indispensable factors for the emergence of life.

“There is a possibility that there is a habitable environment today,” said Michael Meyer at the time, head of the Mars exploration program. Similarly, prestigious scientists and researchers stated that the find was called to transform and rethink Astrobiology, Geology and Hydrology.

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The day liquid water was discovered flowing on Mars
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