The Girl Who Doesn’t Have anus

You usually hear stories of people who don’t have any part of the body, such as an arm, a leg, an eye, and even some internal organ, but the least you could imagine is that you were born without year.

The unusual case of Alesha

And this is precisely what happened to Alesha, who was born in 2001 with serious problems in her internal organs to the point that, wherever she goes, she must carry with her a bag in which her faeces are collected.

At school such a situation led her to the point of being the victim of bullying but, to the surprise of her peers, the girl instead of frightening herself or trying to hide her condition drew courage and addressed to the front of all and began to expose one by one the various problems of her and the difficulties he had to deal with in his daily life.

To start the nerves inside your spine are damaged and basically have no anus, besides you have problems in controlling urine. But if that wasn’t too little Alesha keeps recounting that she doesn’t have a uterus or vagina and, additionally, she only has one kidney so living a normal life is not easy for her.

An example of bravery

Not having to live life without wondering if you’ll ever have or children is “normal” for you, but not for me, the girl expressed and her intervention was so shocked that she ended up taking the applause of her peers that they understood how lucky they were to be able to do things as everyday as camping, swimming or traveling.

Alesha’s case is far from the only one, but it is one of the few where more functions and organs are compromised. Without a doubt, an example of courage as well as a great lesson.

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The Girl Who Doesn’t Have anus
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September 18, 2019

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