The man who faked his death in front of his girlfriend, in his marriage proposal

Every day real tragedies occur in the presence of loved ones and family members, which, of course, in the face of a serious accident or a fatal situation react with utter despair and dismay.

A deadly proposal

And this is precisely the case of a woman who, while meeting with some friends and acquaintances, had to witness her boyfriend fall into the void from a third floor. The worst thing for the woman was that, just moments before, the man had drawn the attention of everyone present to tell them that he had something important to communicate to them.

It was about asking his girlfriend to marry him. At that moment the man climbs to a wall, right on the edge of the building and a friend throws the box containing the engagement ring with such bad fortune that when he grabs it he loses his balance and falls into the void.

The woman throws a cry of despair and immediately runs to see what has happened. Her boyfriend has indeed fallen and fortunately hasn´t crashed into the pavement and has survived without any scratches. It was all a joke that, at the same time great was also a bit cruel and made the bride pass a few seconds of desperation.

A heavy joke

The man had really landed on an inflatable mat and when the woman approached the fence to see what happened what she sees is her boyfriend unscathed and an inscription with the question Would you marry me? Of course, the woman’s response was a resounding yes and within a few moments her engagement ring looked happy.

The video, which was recorded possibly around August 2011, over the summer, and subsequently uploaded to social media, has made a space, possibly because of the tragic thing that it originally alludes to.

Image source: (dapex78)

The man who faked his death in front of his girlfriend, in his marriage proposal
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September 11, 2019

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