The most controversial paintings in history

Painting is the manifestation of the oldest art that has accompanied humanity and possesses the beautiful quality of emboding the events of certain eras throughout history.

Art has served to express tremendous ideas

It is well known that they have always existed and will not cease to exist, some revolutionary artists who want to convey a misplaced message but that doesn´t demean the work of the artist.  Below 5 of the most controversial works throughout history.

First of all we have The ORnans ENTIERRO of Gustav Courbet who was a renowned French painter, and also founder and maximum representative of realism and quite close to revolutionary socialism. This work represents a drastic change in 19th-century French art.

The greatest controversy was caused by the faces of mournings who, although they were at a funeral, show no expressions of pain but on the contrary are serene and scraminous. It is a painting that highlights the simple funerals that were scarce at that time in France.

The persistence of the memory of Salvador Dalí, a Spanish artist promoter and representative of surrealism, is undoubtedly one of the most controversial artists of all time because in addition to being a great painter he also excelled in the field of science, the photography, and even culinary.

The surrealism itself is quite controversial because it allows you to play with the images and makes them look like what they are not or vice versa. This painting has a myriad of interpretations. Since 1934 it has been part of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The final judgment of Michelangelo who was a renowned architect, Italian sculptor who was in charge of painting the Sistine Chapel is perhaps one of the most important works of art in the world, painting represents the souls of humanity who ascend or they descend and are judged by Christ.

Michelangelo was accused at the time of painting naked bodies in his works that were most often requested and sponsored by the Catholic Church.

Again we have Gustav Courbet the famous French painter, but this time the object of controversy was the painting called “the origin of the world”, which is a very explicit female nude for the time but which delicately exalts the characteristic Venetian painting that is characterized by wide brushstrokes and colorful tones.

A work of the works of art that has caused the most angry controversies in the world, was created in the middle of the French Revolution, entitled “THE DEATH OF MARAT”, whose author is Jacques-Louis David. The character who appears dead in the painting is the French revolutionary leader Jean Paul Marat.

Of course we could not forget Leonardo Davinci and the famous last supper, one of the most beautiful paintings in the world and with great significance even to this day, the painting represents the last encounter of Jesus with his disciples before his death. It is the source of many studies that claim it contains hidden secrets.

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The most controversial paintings in history
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July 31, 2019

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