The most mysterious deaths in cinema

Some famous deaths have shocked thousands of people; and it is no less, for actors who died in strange circumstances, left this world amid the recordings of some of their famous films.

Over time, it was discovered that the cause of these macabre and enigmatic deaths were suicide, crime, horrible curses, conspiracy of world power, and relationship with secret lodges.

Heath Ledger

When he was at the best of success in his profession, newly positioned on stardom for his role as “The Jester,” in “Batman, the Night Knight,” directed by Christopher Nolan, he was found lifeless in his apartment, in strange circumstances, but the official report claimed it was drug overdose.

Natalie Wood

His death has been something that is still under investigation, as mysteriously, he fell from a yacht when he was in the company of his spouse, Robert Wagner. Authorities have said they have serious indications of the husband’s guilt.

Brittany Murphy

She died in 2009, aged 32. The cause of his death was chronic pneumonia, along with severe poisoning from taking medications of various kinds, as well as advanced anemia. There were too many diseases of strange characteristics, but the issue became even more suspicious, when Simon Monjack, the actress’ husband, died under the same circumstances.

Brandon Lee

When the famous film, The Raven, was being shot in 1993, an actor was to shoot actor Brandon Lee in the plot. But unfortunately, someone had traded the dummy cartridges for real bullets. So, the renowned artist, died fulminated in a moment. No direct manager has been found to date. The funny thing is that his father, the famous Bruce Lee, had also been shot dead in the film’s recording.

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The most mysterious deaths in cinema
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August 28, 2019

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