The story of the 1965 New York blackout, extraterrestrial intervention?

This famous and controversial event has repeatedly been associated with aliens as the greatest power in the world ran out of light and this event that surprised the east coast inhabitants from 5:16 pm on November 9, 1965.

A single ship would have caused the blackout

This event succeeded in craving the most influential city in the world as there were many drawbacks since the city’s rulers were not prepared for this situation, underground transport systems were terribly affected, the media, the airports, the national guard, in short, this was perhaps the only time when the world’s greatest power has been left absolutely disconnected in the world and this is a sign of the vulnerability of nations to confront unknown situations.

According to the scientific community, this damage was caused by the collapse of a power grid that interconnects Canada and the United States and whose possible failures led to the historic blackout.

A few hours later after the electricity service had been restored several people reported the appearance of unidentified flying objects, near Niagara Falls, sightings were also seen at the Sir Adam Beck power plant and at the Clay substation moments before the event began.

The authorities initially disseen these sightings but pilot Weldon Ross confirmed the news after reporting that he had seen a 30-meter-diameter UFO on the high-voltage strings coming from Niagara.

There are many testimonies that confirm that that mysterious day the earth was repeatedly visited by inhabitants of another planet, but it is not known for certain what was the real reason for this historic blackout that many people remember as terrifying and apocalyptic, if in 1965 there was so much dread we did not imagine that it could happen today if an event of these surprises the unsuspecting Earthlings.

The story of the 1965 New York blackout, extraterrestrial intervention?
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August 14, 2019

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