The world’s most murderous grandmother

Grandmothers inspire us, in large part of the time, tenderness, affection and even protection. Likewise, on many occasions they work as mothers, counselors, and it is to see them when they take affection for their grandchildren.

No one would suspect an old lady like that

However, Tamara Samsonova, an elderly Russian, does not fit into this pattern at all and is not exactly the sweetest granny in the world but, on the contrary, is a serial killer who likes to behead and then dismember her victims.

The woman, with wavy blond hair and fragile context, resident of St. Petersburg, was born in 1947 and was arrested in mid-2015 after confessing her authorship in a macabre crime near Dimitrova Street, where she resided.

The murderous grandmother was captured by a surveillance camera carrying a bag in her hand, in which she would carry human remains. Then he would go back to his house and be seen coming out with another bag and finally with a pot covered with a rag. His victim: Valentina Ulianova, a 79-year-old woman who, according to police reports, had first been beheaded and then gutted.

The investigations led to Ms. Tamara confessing to her crime, let herself be docilely handcuffed and even uttered a loving kiss to the chamber that had reached there. According to her, he killed her not for any passion or money, but simply because he had grown tired of seeing her.

But the most frightening thing was found when a diary was found in which the woman would write the ins and outs of her crimes, which could amount to more than 10, including that of a tenant who twelve years earlier had been found in the vicinity without arms and legs and whose case hadn´t been resolved at the time. Another possible victim could be her husband, who died around 2005.

The case shocked Russia at the time and the locals, who met the woman, stated that they would never have imagined anything like this.

The world’s most murderous grandmother
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August 14, 2019

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