The world’s rarest inventions

Imagination in human beings has no limits. Throughout the ages, various geniuses have developed inventions very useful to humanity. But also, some have emerged with inventions more than useful, very strange.

Adolescent Repellent

In order to ward off unbearable teenagers, Howard Stapleton developed a very high-pitched, 17.5-megahertz sound system that can only be picked up by people under 25 years of age. In Europe, many people use it to drive away annoying young men, without having to call the police or use brute force.

Centrifuge to attend births

A rare round table-shaped device, to which a woman in pregnancy is tied, turns quickly to generate a kind of centrifugation, which supposedly turns a birth into a pleasurable act. A strange way of being born into this world. Its authors are the couple. Charlotte Blonsky and George Charlotte.

Flatulen-proof underwear

A special clothing, created by Buck Weimer, is able to eliminate the fetid odor of gases, produced by the presence of methane in such air ejections. Its shape is exactly the same as normal underwear, only it undoes the effect of methane, causing the stench in flatulence.

Testicular prosthesis for dogs

Today, people not only choose to self-castrate, but also like to do it to animals, for some good or bad reason. But Gregg A. Miller designed a kind of prosthetic for dogs who have had their testicles removed and whose owners are a little desperate, for the dog’s new stressed behavior.

The Wake Clock That Runs Away

One of the most annoying things that exist is to be awakened from a sweet and pleasant dream, by the raucous and mechanical sound of an alarm clock. But Gauri Nanda wanted people to overcome that problem and created “Clocky”: a modern and super curious alarm clock, which features a wheel system and a precise motor sensor, with which he hastily escapes from the frustrated hands of the person , who surely wanted to turn it off to continue enjoying the pleasure of snooze.

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The world’s rarest inventions
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September 18, 2019

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